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A friend saw my 12-year-old Toshiba 4:3 analog the other week. I don't know how many hours of use it has on it, but it's a very, very large amount. Despite not being HD, he said, in various ways, it has a better picture than his Samsung plasma 720p. I've seen that Samsung plasma 720p, and I agree. I don't know what it is. There's just something about that Toshiba picture.

If the convergence chips ever go, I am already considering soldering in new ones and seeing if the TV will last another 10+ years.

In comparison, the 2003 or so 51" Sony HD rear-pro I have is more worse for wear. It's 1080i, but I guess something is worn on it that makes it just a little out of focus or something, even with new convergence chips in it. And the colors just aren't there like they are on the non-HD Toshiba. Even at that, though, we're talking about a 2003 TV. That's over 10 years old now. I'm a bit surprised these things are still working at all since newer TVs people seem to expect to replace them every few years.

I had another Sony 1080i, and that had some weird out-of-focus problem too. It's like the picture is soft/hazy from the guns having dust on them, but they don't have dust on them.

Even the size of the big rear-pros isn't all that bad. Unless you plan on sticking a flat screen on a wall, it will still have to sit on top of a pretty large TV stand of some kind, which kind of defeats its flatness. Worst thing about rear-pros is probably transporting them. They're simply a pain to transport or move up or down stairs. The bottom half of that 51" Sony probably only weighs 120 pounds, lots of people can lift 120 pounds with one arm, but it's so long and wide that it's a big pain even with two people.

I don't know if I'll ever own a rear-projection again simply due to how annoying they are to transport.
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I purchased my 60" Sony SXRD RPTV in April of 2006. The light engine was replaced once, the fans were replaced once and the HDMI board on the rear panel broke due to my error in pushing the set against the wall do far. I have gone through several light bulbs but that is it. Very satisfied regardless of my bitching. It averages about 8 hours a day of usage. I try to vacuum the vents regularly and hoping for another 6 months of service until some of the new LCD sets arrive. I still detest the Dumbo ear speakers and anticipate fitting a 70" plus LCD height and width wise in the current 60" SXRD location.

So no I do not regret the SXRD. It was state of the art at it's time of launch and still has a great film like picture. Watched a ball game with Dad for father's day and he agreed. But it is time to move on.

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I have a Pioneer Elite 620HD that I bought 13 years ago and has less than 3000 hours on it. I use a DVDO VP30 to tweak the picture and even today the PQ is just outstanding. Just as good as my LED TV granted the LED has a tad more sharpness to the picture but other than that I still love watching shows and movies on this beast. Just did a deep optics clean a few months back and the DVDO has reduced my overscan to less than 1% all around. I wound up buying the Pioneer brand new for 1,200 on a misprinted ad so in 13 years I figure I've more than gotten my money out of it. The fact it has so few hours on it I figure it will last me another 20 years but by then TV's will be 8K resolution and then have to upgrade.

Saw the new Sony curved 4K HDTV the other day and have to say that set would be one I'd upgrade to if the cost wasn't so high.
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No, none was so ever especially considering what else really was there are the time?? It's really too bad Sammy made a huge mistake dumping their non lamp models (no color wheel) versions that were only out two model years.

Recording free OTA TV for 'time shifting' has been here since 1977. Will there be DVR's to do the same when ATSC3 obsoletes existing DVR's??
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Originally Posted by EscapeVelocity View Post
Just wondering what the ownership satisfaction was on these sets.
no regrets and love our sets.

purchased a Toshiba 57hx83 in 2004 new and now a Mitsubishi 73734 in 2014 second hand and couldn't be happier!
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I have owned 3 and witnessed 5 more owned by friends and family. Every one has had problems but none of us regret having them. The only regret is that we no longer can buy any new ones.
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I've had 2, an LCD RP and 73835 DLP that I have now. I've never regretted either and I would have looked at the 92 DLP had Mitts still been making them.

I am considering, for next time, one of the Sharp 90s. But that will be a while...


Vizio M80-C3, Denon X6300H, Emotiva UPA5 (triggered), Wharfedale Pacific Evo 40s, CS, 10s, PC DX12 sub, Def Tech A60 Atmos tops, the internet, an ASUS ChromeBox running Kodi, a TiVo Series 3 and a Philips BDP7501 UHD . There's also a Wii, but we don't talk about that...
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I love my RCA CRT fired 4:3 56 inch cabinet model. Best purchase i ever made. But, last week with 24,569 hours on the warranty clock, the line filter went out. Still debating if it is worth the $20 to fix it. It has been a faithful TV since i got it in 1998.
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No regrets. Four years after getting my Mitsubishi 73738, new TV's of that size still cost more than what I paid back then. Size matters. Midday, the image is washed out but I'm happy with the image quality after the sun goes down (when most of my viewing is). I hope my unit will continue to work for many more years.
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Originally Posted by Stereodude View Post
Quote:Originally Posted by EscapeVelocity 

Those Hitachis are well regarded.

That may be, but I'm itching to replace it with something bigger with better performance. I don't want to give up great black performance to get better geometry, no overscan, and better ANSI contrast. I'm a little gun shy on a plasma due to IR and some things I've seen demoing them in stores. The current crop of LCDs basically suck. The full array local dimming LCD sets might be the ticket. I'm waiting for the 2014 VE shootout to see how the two FALD set they're testing fare.
I hear that, for the last few years I've given a lot of thought into getting a "modern" digital display, but then I think about the incredible black levels and film-like image I get from my Mits 73615 RPTV with the 9" guns and I ask myself, do I really want to gamble with losing that performance?

My problem is compounded by the fact that I don't want to go down in screen size, and 70"+ digital displays, quality displays, are rather expensive. Came very close to pulling the trigger on a Panny VT65 when they were closing out at $2k but it was the screen size that stopped me.

Still thinking hard about it though...

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Purchased my Pioneer 643HD5 in 2003 and to this day it still has a gorgeous picture. I had it calibrated twice over that period by Michael Chen. A few months ago I removed the front screen to wipe clean the tubes and the mirror and the idea of replacing the set quickly disappeared.
Just a note, for watching bluray from my Oppo I use an HD Fury to convert the HDMI 1080i signal to component 1080i.

Any regrets? nope....

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No regrets at all. Bought a Samsung HLS6767 at a great price. One of my best purchases ever. It is a bit quantity over quality, e.g., blacks could certainly be better. However, to this day I still love the way it hides the pixel structure and presents content in a way that looks more movie like to me than other 1080P larger screen televisions.
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No regrets I've enjoyed my 60737 since the summer of 09 at the time it was the best bang for the buck.
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Still love the Picture Quality on my Pioneer Elite Pro 710 HD it has been a great TV, the power supply had to be re soldered about 4 months ago as it started to shut off. No loud popping sound or Blue flash, I gave it to a friend that repairs electronics and he re soldered everything on the board. I use the power supply out of the 720 i have for parts until he repaired it. Now i am gettting him to re solder the 720's power supply so i will have a Good replacement board if needed. I plan on using my 710 until it dies or until the prices come down on the new 4K TV's.I also have a DVDO VP 30 & a HDFury 3 hooked up to the 710

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MY short answer is no. My long answer is this. I am an avid RPCRT owner and enthusiast. A devoted follower of Mr. Bob's magnificent CRT Cult in the definitive thread in this area. If a top drawer or even avant-garde a component based 65"-75" RPCRT...with scalable 480p-1080P resolution and 3D capability. I'd buy one tomorrow in a heart beat. And if I was a young tech driven entrepreneur looking for an exclusive niche market to own. I'd jump all over the opportunity to do it.

When I say component based. I mean a small detachable ergonomic Base unit for the guns and core video circuitry. Outboard receiver for all electronic calibration and core functionality. And a collapsible screen (think Polaroid like camera), capable of extending forward & backward for a maximum 20" depth profile.

IMO the company best capable of one upping this is PRYSM. If they would license their LPD tech for someone to actually make a run at it. Because their tech has the potential to deliver significant strengths over CRT and OLED. While achieving much smaller ecological and special dimension foot prints.
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I don't regret buying my 2006 Sammy. It was one of the first 1080p DLPs on the market, but it still has a great picture. I only use it to watch discs, stream video (via a Roku 3) and play video games. I don't watch TV, so it sees very light use. Sometimes I wish it were a little bigger and get annoyed with working around the primitive interface/input quirks but I'd say I've gotten my money's worth. Every now and then I look at the TVs while I'm at Costco, but then I think about what else I could do with the money and decide to stick with my DLP. I think I'll be sad when it finally croaks.

I hope it lasts until 4K or whatever the new technology will be comes down in price. I saw a 75" 4K LCD Sammy at Costco the other day. After taxes it would have run over $6,000. You can buy a decent used car for that much.

"Give a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."
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Originally Posted by Stereodude View Post
I'm a few months shy of having and using my rear projection CRT (Hitachi 57S715) as my primary display for 10 years. I don't regret buying it. I guess that makes me a satisfied owners.
I'll append my earlier answer now that I've replaced my Hitachi with a PN64F8500. I still don't regret buying the RP-CRT, but at the same time I'm certainly not going to miss it.
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You definitely just improved that picture
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I love my Panny Plasma, but would not have even looked at a plasma if I had confidence the DLP technology was going to stick around. DLP is/was by far the best bang for the buck and hands down a better PQ than LCD and as good as plasma. I won't go to LCD unless they are the only tech around. I can't stand watching them in large format. They just look...unnatural.
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Being a size whore and a cheap one at that I am very fond of my WD-92840. It is a decent TV in many ways but without the Radiance Lumagen to fix its color problems I would have grown to hate it. I just bought my 4th lamp. I will install it before the 2014 NFL regular season begins and recalibrate after a couple hundred hours on the lamp. I have a number of mixed emotions about the display, its blacks are nowhere near as good as the could be and it is a big heavy brute that defies my need to replant it on a more appropriate stand.

When there is a good alternative to it I will seriously consider its retirement. I will have owned it 36 months this December. I live in dread it will die before there is a viable alternative comes out that mere mortals can afford. With the Lumagen Radiance doing the color correction the Mits can put up a lovely image but I long for something instant on that uses less power.

I looked real briefly at a 90" Sharp but the picture I saw looked grainy. So it may be a long time before that alternative exists. I guess I could say I don't regret buying the set I just wish the TV was as polished as it is large. Better geometry and an LED based lamp system would have been great. Also these sets are quirky and shutdown randomly not often enough to really be a problem but just enough to be annoying. I need a big set because I have a very long viewing distance, but I want a film like image and good blacks. I also watch a lot of sports so motion handling is also a concern. Perhaps OLED in late 2015. My extended warranty is good till the Christmas 2016, I really hope I don't have to use it. That is a couple of more lamps.

Samsung 78" JS8600, Mits WD-92840 43" Samsung 43ku7000 - Lumagen Radiance XS, Martin Logan Motion 40s, Ascend Sierra 2s
58" Panny Plasma -DVDO DUO, Usher S520, JBL HLS-610, Definitive SM45, MusicHall Marimba
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