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ryanpaul 10:36 AM 08-06-2014
Good morning, I am trying to fix our 67" Samsung DLP Tv. The model number is HL67A510J1FXZA - version OG02

Here is a link to a video that shows what is happening. I removed the rear cover, removed fan diffuser, and removed lamp, and this shot is looking straight forward from where the lamp sits.

Any advice would be appreciated. The board and lamp were replaced two years ago.
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hammerdwn's Avatar hammerdwn 03:41 PM 08-06-2014
Looks like that's the back of the Ballast board. That is the Ballast trying to fire the lamp. For some ballast boards it is normal to see a spark on the board like that, means that the Ballast is producing the high voltage to ignite the lamp. I don't know if that is true here in your case for your model.

Has the lamp ever been replaced?
Where did you get the lamp and how much did it cost?
What is the actual symptom with the lamp installed?
Do you see the lamp trying to fire?
ryanpaul 03:49 PM 08-06-2014
The TV does the same thing with Lamp installed. That arcing/clicking noise.

You can easily hear this noise when TV is fully assembled from the front, or when disassembled and looked at from the rear.

All three red LEDs flash at same time continuously when it finally gives up after a few arcing cycles.

Lamp has been replaced about 2 years ago (not by me)
Lamp was from large TV-focused sales/service shop in SoCal
No appeared attempt of lamp trying to fire

The other thing...The lamp bulb shows a broken part of the filament. It wraps around the glass stem of the bulb (inside outer glass), then goes down the stem towards base, and breaks. You can also see a portion of the wire running down through the stem.

I can check with ohmmeter for continuity?

hammerdwn's Avatar hammerdwn 04:12 PM 08-06-2014
There is no test using a meter for the lamp but if you see any sort of crack inside the lamp => Replace the lamp. Lamps are designed to work for about 6000 hours which means every 2-5 years it is completely normal to buy a new lamp. Do not buy a lamp from Amazon/eBay or other discount sellers. Only buy directly from Samsung or seller that states in writing the product comes with a one year warranty.

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