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Mr Bob's Avatar Mr Bob 11:51 AM 10-05-2014
If you have not retried it after your short resoldering jaunt, I think we can trust that it is still OK. If you made any mistakes then go to try it out, as soon as you power it up damage could be caused.

If it stayed on and didn't go into protection while losing video, that is one of the things that happens with this cold solder joint issue. I have had that happen on way more than a dozen boards, and 100% of the time my resoldering protocol has fixed it permanently.

Don't give up on it. Send that board to me, pay the money, get it fixed and don't go out and buy new, where you'll spend much, much more money and it won't last half as long as yours already has.


Len44's Avatar Len44 06:26 PM 11-03-2014
ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve convinced Bob Jones to come to the East Coast (Greater Baltimore-Washington DC Metropolitan Statistical Area). Bob will be here the week of November 17th to resurrect and tweak out my Mitsubishi WS-73909 set that I have sorely missed watching the past few months.

For those of you in the area, this might be a great opportunity to “piggyback” on his trip and ask Bob to apply his special magic to their CRTs. Everyone should feel free to check in with him to see if he can flex his travel arrangements and improve their viewing experience.

Looking so forward to mid-November!
Mr Bob's Avatar Mr Bob 01:26 AM 11-04-2014
So am I, Len!

Owners, please join us and allow me to get some more calibrations and optics cleanings in while I am there.

I don't work on just CRTs, I also do OLED and calibrate 1080->4K upconvsersion. And all projection modalities eventually need optics cleanings, esp. DLP.

Mr Bob's Avatar Mr Bob 01:02 PM 11-16-2014
Just a reminder, I fly out to Balt/WADC tomorrow, to repair and calibrate a Mit 73909 for Len, an owner in MD. At present I fly back on Thursday but would love to stay back East for a few more days instead, and calibrate a few more displays. Or do optics cleaning on any projection system, as they all need it eventually, not just CRT.

Or change out a lamp, or a DMD chip with black or white dots. Or cure a convergence problem.

Let me know as much ahead of time as you can, if you're interested. At present I fly back on Thursday but would love to stay back East for a few more days instead, and calibrate a few more displays.

Len44's Avatar Len44 01:27 PM 11-22-2014
WOW!!! Just as a follow-up, just had my visit with Mr. Bob Jones, who worked tirelessly for two full (at least 12 hour) days on my Mitsubishi 73909.

Picture is like never before -- absolutely perfect (ah, yes -- Image Perfection. Now I get it!). The application of his knowledge and skills brought out the full potential of this set, and I am truly appreciative. Believe me, I have spent a goodly amount of time today watching all manner of movies, sports, etc thoroughly enjoying the superior picture I had been missing. I am sure that much of what he did would never even occur to 99 percent of others. And, I think he was a bargain.

I understand he has another engagement or two here on the East Coast -- not sure when he now plans to return to California, just know that he extended his trip here for a few more days. Get him if you can!

Anyway, Highly Recommended. Just wanted to take a moment to give credit where it is due.
Mr Bob's Avatar Mr Bob 02:29 AM 11-23-2014
Had a ball, Len. Even tho this thread is primarily for Pioneer owners, the technology is the same in both cases, and getting it right matters in both cases. So I really appreciate that you commented on my work here. You can invite me over to do your set again any time you want! Loved it, and you were a great host.

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