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65notch's Avatar 65notch 10:35 AM 10-04-2004
Well I purchased a new antenna from Radioshack this past weekend, set it up, got some decent RG6 QS and strung it up. Switched on my TV (I have a PT 53WX54...which apparently has an integrated HD Tuner..although I don't see this noted ANYWHERE in the manual)...and alas! I couldn't get any HD signals! What the hell is going on, I turned to my manual, and it states that I HAVE to have an STB to get an HD signal.

Although it doesn't state this, the reason is apparently, because the only place the TV will look for/accept an HD signal is from the component or HDMI inputs.

ARGHHH...needless to say I was quite disappointed I didn't get to see any HD football games this weekend...

any suggestions on a nice CHEAP STB?

Question for the 53X54 guys, is this the same case with your TV's? And is this NORMAL for most HD tv's?


ventro's Avatar ventro 05:56 PM 10-04-2004
Weird problem.

When I go into the service menu when I'm watching SD, 480i is highlighted, telling me that the signal is a 480i signal.

When I go into the service menu when I have my computer connected w/HD, 1080i is highlighted, telling me that the signal is a 1080i signal.

But when I watch DVDs via component, the TV says 480i. Shouldn't it be 480p?
Drew224's Avatar Drew224 08:52 PM 10-04-2004
Most HDTVs are HD-Ready. Meaning, you need a STB. This line of Panasonic's does not have an HD tuner built in. If someone told you otherwise you were lied to.

Just watching DVD's through component cables does not make them 480p. Is your DVD player set to progressive? Some have switches on the back of the DVD player for progressive or interlaced.
ventro's Avatar ventro 09:17 PM 10-04-2004
Drew, i'm disgusted. My DVD player doesn't do 480p. No switch on the back, and nothing in the menus.

I mean seriously, it's called a progressive scan DVD player, and it only does 480i. Mind you, this player was purchased back when DVD was pretty new on the scene. But really, I thought component out on back automatically equalled a progressive signal.

Do you think it's worth spending the extra cash on a player that can actually do 480p, or should I wait for Blu-Ray/HDDVD? Does the 3:2 pulldown on my HDTV do the same thing as whatever the DVD player does to boost the signal to 480p?
Drew224's Avatar Drew224 01:24 AM 10-05-2004
I don't have my HDTV yet so I've yet to experience 480p DVDs. Supposedly, the upscaling on the newer DVD players with 1080i is better than what most TVs do so maybe. Again, no actual hands-on experience yet.
As for HD-DVD, I don't think a format has been settled on yet. So, who knows when that will happen. All I know is that Sony is gonna use blue-ray in their PS3 and I believe they are pushing for blue-ray as the HD-DVD format.
geekrule's Avatar geekrule 09:29 PM 10-05-2004
ventro, can you post the model of your dvd player?
Drew224's Avatar Drew224 01:38 AM 10-06-2004
The official tweak thread isn't getting much attention. So, let me ask here whether people have been able to fix the red push on this set. I've been comparing in-store and it is really noticeable in greys and greens from what I've seen.

Just to clarify the red push is the mean red tint this set has. Not that "red push" isn't self-explanatory
mkulikow's Avatar mkulikow 06:44 AM 10-06-2004
Hey Drew,

I thought I had the exact same problem, as it turns out after me flipping about my brand new 53wxd63 having a problem I borrowed another DVD payer, the red push was gone. I have found with my POS DVD player (Philips, waiting for good upscaling) when it plays anamorphic widescreen DVDs it has a serious red push. If you put in a real widescreen disc you do not get this. None of these were present with my friends Panny DVD player, either RP82 or 62 I think.

- Mike

PS: I just bought a service manual so I can get some internal work done, it cost me $13 shipped from Panasonic.
Ripper64's Avatar Ripper64 09:07 PM 10-06-2004
My 53X54 has a little blue and red push.Seems like most X54 do.I get a little more blue push than red.The X54 is 540P and 1080i.I guess it would upconvert a 480P signal to 540P.I have a progressive scan RP82.There is a quite noticeable better picture when I kick in progressive.It also appears to tame the blue and red push when its on.
Dougmeister's Avatar Dougmeister 09:38 AM 10-11-2004
So, in layman's terms:

CAN the improvements of this set over "last year's model" can be summed up as:

* Better picture (clearer, higher resoution, consistent colors, reduced block noise)
* Anti-Reflective Screen Shield
* Auto Convergence (easier to tweak)

Quivox's Avatar Quivox 01:04 PM 10-11-2004
Has anyone seen the new 56 inch models yet?
ventro's Avatar ventro 01:25 PM 10-11-2004
I wasn't aware of any 56" models yet.
Quivox's Avatar Quivox 02:36 PM 10-11-2004
Yes, they had the new model on the Panasonic .ca site last week, but it's seems to have been removed. I believe the 56 inch model was pretty much the same as the PT-53TW54.
ventro's Avatar ventro 04:33 PM 10-11-2004
Ahh, I see.


Edit: emailed panasonic and they said that the screen shield is not removable.
djedobb's Avatar djedobb 06:39 PM 10-11-2004
Just got my 53x54 about 30 minutes ago... what out of the box adjustments should I make???
Deo3's Avatar Deo3 08:14 PM 10-11-2004
I'm curious how people feel about purchasing RPTVs online.

I've decided to purchase a new Panasonic 47x54, in town I'm looking at MSRP + sales tax ($1,603) while online I've found a retailer I trust which is selling them for $320 less than MSRP. Of course there's $100 extra for shipping, but since I'm not paying sales tax the amount of money I'm saving is still the same.

The dilemma is of course if something goes wrong. I assume that'll mean I'm going to be paying $100 to ship it back and another $100 for the shipping of it's replacement. If that happens I'll still have saved money buying online, but the hassle of shipping and recieiving concerns me.

I know a lot of people around here have money to burn, and would say to just buy in town no question. But unfortunatley, I don't have money to burn. Saving $300 is a really big deal for me, even though the 47x54 is one of the least expensive RPTVs out there, it's still a very big purchase for me.

Again let me restate I will be purchasing from a retailer I've done business with before and trust 100%, as not being ripped off by an online dealer seems to be a concern of many people. My main concern deals with the item being damaged during shipping. What're the chances of such a thing happening, and if it does does the shipper/retailer cover the cost of shipping back to the retailer or do I? What about the shipping cost of it's replacement?

I'd like to hear people who've had both good and bad experiences shopping online to really get a feel for what I'd be getting myself into. Thanks in advance!
Drew224's Avatar Drew224 11:38 PM 10-11-2004
If all you're worried about is shipping, I'd say go for it. Just make sure they have a good return policy and possibly shipping insurance.
Quivox's Avatar Quivox 11:42 PM 10-13-2004
After months of dithering, I finally took the plunge tonight and bought the 53X54. At $1800.00 Canadian ($1440.00 U.S.) at BB, I couldn't pass it up.
Delivery Friday and then we shall see...............
edamon's Avatar edamon 12:23 AM 10-14-2004
I'm in the market for another TV (got a 60" LCD LG) anyhow.. want
something under $1500.

Went to sears tonight to check out the PT-53X54.

They didn't have one on the floor so I made the guy go get one from
the back (brand new in the box) and set it up.. surprisingly he did, lol.

anyhow, he plugged in a zoom HD feed and just turned the TV on.

i was amazed at how good this TV looked "out to the box" quite literally..

it was next to a sony CRT RPTV, hitachi CRT and a Panasonic LCD RP.
Blew all three away.

Set itself is very good looking too.

i'm going back tomorrow to pick it up.
rick240's Avatar rick240 09:00 PM 10-14-2004
Everyone seems to like both the 47x54 and 53x54, what a relief.

Has anyone bought the 53tw54 (the Tau series)? Is it that much better?

Drew224's Avatar Drew224 01:43 AM 10-15-2004
Originally posted by edamon
I'm in the market for another TV (got a 60" LCD LG) anyhow.. want
something under $1500.

Went to sears tonight to check out the PT-53X54.

They didn't have one on the floor so I made the guy go get one from
the back (brand new in the box) and set it up.. surprisingly he did, lol.

anyhow, he plugged in a zoom HD feed and just turned the TV on.

i was amazed at how good this TV looked "out to the box" quite literally..

it was next to a sony CRT RPTV, hitachi CRT and a Panasonic LCD RP.
Blew all three away.

Set itself is very good looking too.

i'm going back tomorrow to pick it up.

Good for you. I think I'll be picking up my PT-47x54 on Wed. I got an old entertainment center and TV I've got to be prepared to do something with before I can move a new TV in.
bfdtv's Avatar bfdtv 12:08 AM 10-21-2004
Can someone comment on the PIP functionality on the X54 series, specifically POP and split screen?

Are there any limitations to the split screen functionality? For example, can it do split screen with one HD signal? With two HD signals? When doing split screen, will the X54 preserve the aspect ratio of a HD signal as shown below (pic from Toshiba manual)?

Or do the X54s squeeze a HD signal into a 4:3 frame in split screen mode?
nohjy's Avatar nohjy 06:20 PM 10-22-2004
The 53X54 is now on sale at Boscov's for $1,299 + Tax. get em while you can!
Tone-Loc_1's Avatar Tone-Loc_1 08:28 PM 10-23-2004
My 53X54 will be here on Tuesday... and I went ahead and got the Sony HT6800DP to compliment it.

I am chomping at the bit here...
toy4two2's Avatar toy4two2 10:10 PM 10-23-2004
What about the CableCard and PIP? If you have CableCard can you watch say one channel and another premium channel.

Does the PIP even apply to CableCard channels?
black_macleod's Avatar black_macleod 10:13 PM 10-23-2004
World Series in HD nothing like it

Go Cards!
bfdtv's Avatar bfdtv 10:30 PM 10-23-2004

The CableCard model only has one QAM tuner, meaning you can only tune one digital cable channel at a time. You could do split screen with one digital cable channel (any channel >100) and one analog cable channel (any channel <100), however. You can also do split screen with two analog cable channels (<100), because all the Panasonics have two NTSC tuners.

I would still like to know how the split-screen functionality works with HD channels (i.e. from component or HDMI input). Does it display the correct aspect ratio or does it squeeze HD channels?
Quivox's Avatar Quivox 03:16 PM 10-24-2004
I was a little unimpressed with the HD performance the first week, until I discovered that the guy who installed my system (Bell Expressvu) had the receiver set to 480p. doh! Set to 480p, the picture was a little on the soft side, but that changed when I switched to 1080i.

I changed it to 1080i, and I experienced the wow factor! I'm watching CBS football right now and the picture is unbelievable!!
There isn't a lot of HD material yet, but my first impression is that CBS does a better job than Fox with their HD coverage of Sunday football.

ABC so far seems to be the winner in primetime when it comes to quality, but I only had my satellite hooked up on Friday, so I could be wrong.

For any people that are also using Expressvu, here's a tip about playing around with the output settings of your HD receiver. DON'T change the receivers output to 720p, because it's impossible to change it back, unless you wrote down each step you took with your remote. The picture becomes unwatchable, making it impossible to find the menu on the screen. I had to phone Bell's service tech to get my screen back. I was a little surprised that they actually had someone available at 2 A.M., but I was sure glad they did.

DVD performance OTB was pretty good, but it got even better when I bought the 1080i upconverting LG DV7832NXC. I have a few issues with the player, but watching Pirates of The Carribean last night was an awesome experience.

Honestly, I'm extremely happy with the display now, but I'm intrigued about what a professional ISF Calibration can do. I believe Michael TLV is located in Calgary, just a couple of hours South, and I may have to soon give him a call.
DCJ98GST's Avatar DCJ98GST 02:51 PM 10-25-2004
Did prices on these sets go up?

I was seeing sets for $1300 for the 53x54 a few weeks ago now only sets for $1500?
KimGI's Avatar KimGI 04:22 PM 10-25-2004
I've noticed the same here in Calgary. Pricing from $1999 - $2199 a few weeks ago now seem to have settled at $2399 CDN. Perhaps the stores are setting us up for the Christmas shopping season to make the markdown look more desireable.
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