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Dangrzne25's Avatar Dangrzne25 09:11 PM 08-15-2004
The extended warranty is something that you'll want to get. I had to use it several times and now best buy is replacing my set with a brand new one after only 2 years. These weren't major problems but issues mainly with the convergence and focus of the set that could not be repaired. $350 for a 5 year warranty is cheaper than the $400 I paid 2 years ago for a 4 year. As far as the "bulbs/projector guns" being worth 1250, that is slightly incorrect. Usually the sales guys at these places mistake "guns" for the actual CRTs but yes these are typically the most expensive thing to replace on the TV.

tenshi's Avatar tenshi 08:34 AM 08-16-2004
I would go with the warranty.. I did and I'm so glad I did!

My toshiba died 7 days after the manufacturer's, and they can't fix it (they 've so far "patched" it) and I'm getting a new h84 next week...

Just be sure of one thing though... some extended will end when you get an new tv in exchange.... mine doesn't so the new set will be covered for the next 4 years

Edited since I can't type
dredam's Avatar dredam 02:44 PM 08-16-2004
Hey guys .... thanks for the info ... I'm going to go get one of those 'calibration' discs tonight. I saw one post about 'DVD Essentials'. Is that generally the best one to get or are there others that are better.

I did drop my contrast down a bunch, but I still see a good amount of blue around the white crosses (which still look a little hazy to me). Maybe one of these discs will help out a bit and then i can properly calibrate it.

Thanks, Don
greeno's Avatar greeno 04:55 PM 08-16-2004
deredman, I see you have an 84. the 83's had a problem with "extra" wide blue focus that would show up as a slight blue haze. I 've see it in person on my buddies set. blue is always slightly de-focused so that you can get enough light out of the tube, but the 83's just couldn't really get tightened up. The best you can do is get the convergence spot on to minimize it. I'll be that this is a carry over from the 83's.

pittdog1's Avatar pittdog1 05:57 PM 08-16-2004
greeno, I've had the 46H83 for over 8 months now and can assure you that i don't have any blue haze at all on my convergence grid. Maybe i'm lucky as i don't have the white line issue either. I'm not blind though(20/15)
as i do have a very slight jail bar issue. It is not distracting, nor does it show up very often, it's kind of the opposite of the way the CDL problem shows up, It happens only when there is little or no camera movement on a darker solid background. I only mention this to show that i do see picture flaws when they occur. Maybe i got a ringer? I know that alot of the Hitachis supposedly have a blue focus issue, but i have not remebered hearing of it on Toshibas in this forum before. Maybe Jim Tressler or soulflare or someone else with one of these sets can chime in on whether or not they see any Blue bleeding on convergence grid.
Olivenhain's Avatar Olivenhain 10:59 PM 08-16-2004
Costco has the 65H84 for $2,000. Looks like the best deal I've seen so far. They also will take it back anytime within three years if you don't like it, which pretty much supercedes the Toshiba warranty. Our TV will be built-in and around 16-18 feet from the sofas, so 65 seems like a good size. We plan on selling it with the house next year, so we're not going to buy anything much more expensive. Any comments regarding this proposed purchase?


WallStreet's Avatar WallStreet 09:49 PM 08-18-2004
If you have a Conns in your area, they have the 65HX83 for $1800. Many stores still have new-in-box units.
soulflare's Avatar soulflare 11:24 AM 08-19-2004
Yeah, I have blooming on the blue on my 46H84 - and it's slightly worse than it was on my 46H83. I've asked a few people online about the issue, along with the tech who fixed the CDL on my TV, and have been told that such blooming is normal. However, it still seems excessive to me. I'm hoping that the problem can be minimized by mechanically focusing the blue CRT.
alanpgh's Avatar alanpgh 04:43 PM 08-20-2004
I have a question about the 57H84 vs. the new 52HM84 DLP's. If this is an overly simple question, please bear with me.

I have a friend that can't quite afford the 52HM84 DLP and is thinking about getting a CRT-RPTV, the new Toshiba 57H84. Is the picture on the 57H84 comparable to the new DLPs and LCD Rear Projection systems (other than the obvious difference in screen size)?
Is the main difference the size and bulkiness?
Where do you put equipment on the 57H84, such as the cable box, DVD Player, VCR, etc.? Does this equipment go beside the unit on a stand or on top of the 57H84?

Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!

J*Cio's Avatar J*Cio 08:44 PM 08-21-2004
Any word on the integrated sets? I thought the 51HX94 was due in August but none of the local stores here in NJ/NYC even have it in there computer systems yet. Getting really bummed, as I was hoping to get a 57HX94 in time for the football system. I know, I know, I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up considering the Tosh website says September for the 57HX94.
Chad Ferguson's Avatar Chad Ferguson 11:21 PM 08-21-2004
Well I finally purchased the TV and it arrives next saturady for me. Now I asked a personal friend that worked there about buying some sort of Calibration disc. He stats that the Magic focus button works so well that one is not even needed? Is he partly true at all or just totally off the mark?
OvalNut's Avatar OvalNut 06:16 AM 08-22-2004
He is just totally off the mark.

Take some time reading posts about new tv setup/calibration on this and other forums. This topic has been discussed in great depth from many angles. I'd also suggest taking a look at www.***************.com which has a wealth of information available to it's members.

Good hunting,

pittdog1's Avatar pittdog1 09:04 AM 08-22-2004
Chad, he is totally off the mark. First of all, the touch focus is only for convergence and isn't even close to as accurate as doing a manual convergence. The set-up discs of which there are many and will all do a good job, will get your set dialed in for all adjustments such as , brt,cont, shrp,color, and tint. Touch focus is not going to do a thing for these other adjustments. A set-up disc is a mandatory piece of equipment on CRT RPTV's ISF calibration not withstanding. Your set will undoubtedly look 100% better after a disc calibration than out of the box and doing nothing more than a touch focus. This is not an IMO, this is a fact! Good luck and enjoy your set! The other great thing about buying that set is all the help you can get with it right here on this thread. It's almost like having your own help desk for your set. I've used it that way many times .
Chad Ferguson's Avatar Chad Ferguson 09:03 PM 08-22-2004
Well, I see your guys point now. I plan on buying the DVE dvd this week, just that AVia is so expensive!!!!
Thanks guys
D_Rock's Avatar D_Rock 07:29 AM 08-26-2004
I've been having a problem with my 51H83's horizontal positioning. It seems that everything is not centered. My picture is about 1/2" off to the right. This is only really noticeable when watching 4:3 TV images, or when an XBox or PS2 is hooked up. I'm guessing that there is a setting in the service menu that I could adjust. Has anyone else experienced this?
gofast's Avatar gofast 08:32 AM 08-26-2004
Originally posted by D_Rock
I've been having a problem with my 51H83's horizontal positioning. It seems that everything is not centered. My picture is about 1/2" off to the right. This is only really noticeable when watching 4:3 TV images, or when an XBox or PS2 is hooked up. I'm guessing that there is a setting in the service menu that I could adjust. Has anyone else experienced this?

I didn't have a problem like that, but I had about 5% overscan. There are settings in the service menu for this, but I'd recommend using one of the 2 calibration discs to generate a pattern so that you can set overscan AND position.

You can find detailed service menu instructions on this site:

jzanitsch's Avatar jzanitsch 08:07 AM 08-27-2004

I just bought the 46h84 and so far I am loving the picture on the TV. The only concern I have with the TV so far is that there is a lot of glare on the screen. I was wondering if there was a glare shield or any other method of cutting the glare down on this TV. Thanks!

faheem5's Avatar faheem5 03:31 PM 08-31-2004
Well I have been missing in action for a while. I orginally went into to buy the 65H84, but was told it was on backorder. So I started looking around, and finally convinced my self that the Mitsubishi 73 inch with 9" CRT is the tv for me. I had to put in a special order, and pay full MSRP price. This is after I was told the price will be adjusted once we get it in, and you have a 2 year no payment/no intrest. After the tv was in stock, the price was barely negotiated, as the tv could be had much less on the internet (which I didnt wnat to do) So I canceled my order, and have come back to the Toshiba. For some reason, its still on backorder for another 7 days. I am now trying to decide between this 65 inch and the Hitachi 65F710 (more expensvie since it has tuner built in) I noticed when I orginally saw the Toshiba, that blue haze or glow around peoples head. I thought it was bad convergence, hit magic touch, and still there. (didnt have time for manual convergence) So I will check out the new Hitachi if I can, and compare that to Sony (dotn know why, but I gota know now before its too late) I can still get a killer deal on the Toshiba, whcih is why I keep coming back to it, but I need a good picture as well. I have read several threads comparing Hitachi/Sony and boy its pretty much split donw the middle.
etcarroll's Avatar etcarroll 04:54 PM 09-02-2004
A newbie question -

About to config my 57h83 with the AVIA disc. I'd like to ask the group for any tips or hints - or 'gotchas' to avoid - before I begin.

The picture looks fine, I've had the set a year, no white lines or other problems. Occassional 'jail bars', but not really an issue for me.

Recently saw HDTV on a plasma, made me sit up and take notice.

That's why I have the AVIA disc now.

TIA - Gene
faheem5's Avatar faheem5 10:26 PM 09-03-2004
Well I just put my order in for the 65H84, and it will be here on wenesday. Ill post my first impression, and a few days after I have done AVIA/convergencey, how it looks. Its sad, now i have to read throuhg this whole topic, and write down all the tweaks, and service code people have found.
JacJames's Avatar JacJames 08:08 AM 09-04-2004
Have had the 65H84 for the past six weeks and am very satisfied with its performance. No sure why some people spend several thousand dollars for a television just to get it home and take it apart for tweaking. In my opinion it is more of a mind-set than reality or just still the "little curious boy" syndrome. Having owned projection television sets since their inception......the first was a Panasonic 46 incher in the early eighties.....have never had a poor quality picture that was caused by the set .
pittdog1's Avatar pittdog1 08:38 AM 09-04-2004
JacJames, Most people here do not take their sets apart to tweak. This is really only nescasary if one needs to do an optics cleaning (should be done every year or two) or to fix focus issues. Tweaking with a set-up disc on the other hand is NOT a mind set but rather a nescesity. If you are using ANY of the factory preset viewing modes on your set, you are greatly reducing the life of your set. This is not a myth. If you have been used to watching your set this way then it will take a little while to adjust to watching it after a dvd calibration. But, once you adjust to seeing it the way it is supposed to look you will see detail and depth like you have never sen before. Watch it this way for a couple of weeks and then switch back to one of the preset modes and you'll see what all the tweaking is done for.CRT's constantly loose brightness over time, properly adjusted this time is extended greatly. With out of the box settings it is reduced greatly. FACT! You are not setting it up to sacrifice picture quality for longetivity, but rather for meeting standards to which your set is supposed to be displaying. The longetivity issue is just a bonus.
Chad Ferguson's Avatar Chad Ferguson 01:26 AM 09-06-2004
Well I've been trying to adjust the TV now and I've come across a few problems. First, I have no idea how to do a manual convergence. Secondly, when I poped in my DVE disc, it showed that my TV was at %5 overscan and mentioned that I could change it to be %2 or even closer. How do I do this?
pittdog1's Avatar pittdog1 08:34 AM 09-06-2004
Chad, 5% is completely acceptible. Manual convergence is not very hard to do. When you bring it up on your set you'll either see white crosses or a full grid across the screen. Make sure your set is warmed up(on for about 30 minutes or so) and then make sure all the crosses or grid lines are solid white with no blue or red bleeding around them. When all your CRT's are lined up they should be solid white or at least as close as you can get them. Start in the middle and work your way out. It can be a little hard to see the blue or red bleeding around if your convergence is pretty close. You may have to move a little closer to your screen to see it. I like to do my convergence from about 6' away from the screen. Hope this helps. If you still don't get it or need more help PM me or ask again here.
ji9988's Avatar ji9988 09:37 AM 09-06-2004
Does anyone know how to remove the glare screen from th 65hx83? Thanks!!
pittdog1's Avatar pittdog1 02:16 PM 09-06-2004
ji9988, Go to or do a search for "restack" here on this forum. Also you could try to PM MichaelTLV or JohnnyG as they are ISF'ers and probably have tips on how to do it. Hope this helps and hope i didn't throw the above names around to loosely. You 2 seem to be the guys with the most technical know how on Toshibas.
etcarroll's Avatar etcarroll 09:32 AM 09-10-2004
Chad/convergence -

About 6 posts prior to yours, gofast has posted a link to the KEOHI site, which has useful info on convergence setting.

Good luck, took today off from work to have house/tv to myself as taking my first crack at it now, then moving on to AVIA.
etcarroll's Avatar etcarroll 01:24 PM 09-10-2004
So I finished my first crack at calibrating with Avia, and the minute I start to make changes, my viewing mode switches to PREFERENCES, even though I began in MOVIE in order to lessen SVM.

How do I calibrate MOVIE, SPORT, STANDARD? Do I simply carry over the new settings from PREFERENCE mode?

Also, as I'm using my DVD player, and thus calibrating through it's input into the TV, (input #4), what happens when I switch back to cable, (input #0)?

BadOmens's Avatar BadOmens 08:37 PM 09-11-2004
I want to thank everyone for all the great posts. The one thing I did not see was advice on using the "split cabinet".
So here you go.
Out of the box before the move, the monitor looked great. Ofcource things where off (like geometry and convergence) but not bad. I had to move it to my room (The Lions Den) in the basement. My stairway has a 180 degree turn which is one reason I bought the Toshiba. I split the cabinet and moved it down without a problem (sweat and tears aside). I put it back together and it looked the same as takeing it out of the box! So I dove into the service menu to see what kind of damage I could do. But with the printouts from this post all I did was make it look better.
pittdog1's Avatar pittdog1 09:07 AM 09-12-2004
Congrats on the new set. This forum is a God send for sure!
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