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Originally Posted by punkzip View Post
I bought this a few weeks after release and it is still working perfectly. I also have the stand. I'm looking to upgrade to 4K soon and am wondering how much I should list this for on Craigslist. Any thoughts?
I think you have maybe two choices.

If you are not buying the new 4K from a full service brick and mortar store give it away or get someone to haul it away.
They are heavy beasts.

Or have the dealer haul it away.

They have really no value anymore.
Rear projection is dead and the eventual failure of the Q when subjected to consistent normal everyday use
means there is a very short life expectancy.
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Originally Posted by punkzip View Post
I bought this a few weeks after release and it is still working perfectly. I also have the stand. I'm looking to upgrade to 4K soon and am wondering how much I should list this for on Craigslist. Any thoughts?
A 70" TV is still a premium size. If it is working well I'd ask $300. Take some good quality pictures of it showing a good HD picture, and also with it off. Warn about the weight. Make sure you make it clear that it has a screen that is 70" diagonal.
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I am in the same boat as a few posters being one of the very few remaining Qualia 006 owners. The PQ is still today stunning, the sound off the hook. No current flat panel has this kind of sound. Every time I put a new "correct" bulb in…not the cheap 1/2 brightness ones, it reminds me of when I 1st got it. Sony put another optical block in it some years back for free. Like most I am noticing the light green blob ever so faintly showing itself, but mostly on all light grey or light blue backgrounds and some B/W content.

I have read that it is one of the 3 chips in the optical block specifically the blue one that fails. All 3 of the chips are supposed to be the same but the "blue filter" cooks the blue chip over time taking on average 3 to 5 years which is typical for 1/2 life of most tv's. This set comes with an anti-theft device, being in that it’s too heavy to steal lol. Get a new flat panel and the worry level skyrockets. 10 grand is a lot of coins for a tv not to mention the stand for the Q.

So I am wondering about options. If anyone has any other ideas? Possibilities that I can think of is below:

1) I buy another tv in 2015 and junk this one.

2) If it is going to be junked then maybe there is another owner that would like one or both of the other 2 functional SXRD chips that are still fine when I junk it, they can just pay me S & H and maybe 20 bucks for my effort of taking it apart to get all 3 chips since I am unsure which is the bad egg. Unless it is apparent when I take humpty dumpty apart, won't know until that stage since I never done it before, but have seen online you tube vids.

3) Another owner and I talk that is going to do #2 above and is willing to send me the 2 or 3 chips since he/she is going to junk it and I will try to figure out how to have the bad blue chip replaced paying for a local labor tv service man in house. Having at least 2 good chips in hand would increase the lifespan up to 8 more years possibly.

4) I give it away.

Anyway if I could get another couple of good chips my Qualia 006 would make me very happy for quite a few more years. If I do junk it I still have a 2nd genuine Phillips OEM bulb that cost nearly 100 bucks that I could give someone if they pay only S & H. Feel free to pvt message me if you concur on any of the aforementioned.

I corresponded with sonylistens@am.sony.com via email mid 2014 when the 4k XBR-79X900B was coming out and they said they would (after numerous emails) sell it to me for 7,999.00 when it retailed for 9,999.00 originally and haul away my old Q for free. But I told them in just a few short months that it would retail for 7,999.00 or less and told them to forget it. Now it is even less than that. Plus reports of quality issues like DSE, banding, clouding etc. on AVS for that set additionally scared me off. So I wait until after the CES show in 2015 since most all 2014 4k sets are of questionalbe quality (panel lottery) and mostly overpriced for what they offer. The upcomming QD from LG & others looks promising. OLED forget it with my budget. Being spoiled with 70" by the Q, I dare not downsize so that further limits my options.

I talked to a electronics tech (http://www.rivervalleyelectronics.net/) that carries some chips but not the qualia ones. He said they also used to rebuild the opital blocks but do not anymore. I asked him what would be his recommendation on a new 4k set for 2015 and he said they are all basically junk and & are hard to repair & even get parts for. He said get any extended warranties offered and wished me luck. Bummed in Illinois...

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.


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