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Halco's Avatar Halco 12:54 PM 09-04-2012
Originally Posted by new2hometheater View Post

Color wheel went last night, thanks for 7 years of service. It's off to the dump and to pick up a Sharp LC-70847OU

Dont send it to the dump. Replace the color wheel and sell it or, replace color wheel, remove light engine and sell it on ebay/

BonsaiScott's Avatar BonsaiScott 06:34 PM 06-10-2013
About to give up after searching for about an hour, but figured I'd ask anyway...

Has there ever been any updates for the firmware for these? I can put up with the left 4" dark band since this isn't my main display, but the guide for cable is a total mess.
Thinker1920's Avatar Thinker1920 11:09 PM 05-13-2014



   I have a Samsung HLR6768WX/XAA, the bulb is about 2 years old with 1265 hours on it and the color wheel is also about 2 years old. The tv comes on, it runs for about 5-8 minutes then it turns off, it then starts cycling and trying to turn on again but it's not able to, the lamp doesn't light and it keeps cycling, you have to unplug it and plug it back in, and then it will turn on again for about 5 - 8 minutes before it repeats the cycle.


   all the fans are clean and running, I taped the lamp door switch just to make sure it wasn't that, I even tried running it with the back off and a fan blowing in to it, but it still turns off and if you put your hand on the lamp housing it's not even that hot, it's warm.


   Is it my ballast? Or maybe a defective heat sensor? or something on the power board?



  I just find it strange that after it turns itself off that it tries over and over to turn back on but the lamp never comes on.



    Any help is appreciated :-)



Also when it turns off and starts trying to turn on again all three lights blink on the front

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