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gadgtman's Avatar gadgtman 12:12 PM 09-13-2010
Originally Posted by RDK006 View Post

You have to get into the service menu and look. I believe it's mute-1-8-2-power on (on the remote, with the set turned off), but there's another thread here talking about it in more detail. But be careful whenever you go into the service menu!

That worked, thanks.

At 5,807 hours since June 2006. Is that considered alot? How long do these bulbs typically last, and at about how many hours do people start replacing them?

dpkonofa's Avatar dpkonofa 05:45 PM 12-31-2010
Bumping this thread just before the New Year comes in and deciding whether or not I need to buy a new TV or try to fix this one.

The long and short of it is that it displays this effect:

Notice the dancing dark middle portion of the blue light as it moves around. This doesn't just happen with blue colors, it happens with mid-brightness of any colors. It's mostly noticeable when there is a close-up shot of someone's face.

It never really bothered me before, although it definitely was there, but now that I've got a Blu-Ray player and am watching movies in Hi-Def, I see it all the time and it's distracting. Does anyone know what this issue is called or what causes it? I've searched high and low for an answer but am having trouble describing exactly what I'm seeing. Anyone have any ideas?

cdecoux's Avatar cdecoux 11:00 PM 02-18-2012
I cannot get this to work. Have iPad/iPod connectors. Where should I attach the yellow red and white wires. Yes I am clueless.
And once I attach how do I get to it to watch what is on my iPad?
MoInSTL's Avatar MoInSTL 11:21 AM 02-20-2012
I have the HLS-5086. A few weeks ago an issue of darkening started after the set has been on for about a half an hour. It seems to drop down a notch or so in brightness. It could use a new lamp, but before buying one, I want to find out if there is another issue occurring that could be causing this. I don't want to pay for a lamp only to discover that isn't the issue. I thought when failing they slowly darkened over time. This just suddenly drops the brightness after watching for about a half hour.

EDIT: Lamp & housing replacement seemed to fix it.
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