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Louse76's Avatar Louse76 01:31 PM 01-15-2006
My girlfriend's mom must be the luckiest person on earth, because she got this model of TV (Hitachi 61SWX10B) for $500 because someone was moving. I haven't seen it personally, but it is a huge size, and it is a Hitachi (which are great last time I heard), so it sounds like they were quite lucky.

First, does anyone have this TV and have any tips that I should pass on? Anything besides the general RP CRT tips on things such as burn-in etc? I already know the basics because I recently bought a Toshiba RP myself.

Second, there seems to be a problem with the sound. The sound will work for less than a minute. Sometimes it will make what seems to be described as a sort of a staticy sound, but she also mentioned that is what it sounded like when speakers were going out, other times it might make some sort of a high pitched sound and then go out. She has tried a DVD player and a Direct TV Tivo Box and has tried them into multiple inputs on the TV with the same sort of issues.

She notes that there are normal speaker outputs (like on a receiver) on the back (odd to me) and she will try some speakers that she has around on them. I assume it is likely not a speaker problem, but rather an issue with the internal amplifier, so that will likely not work.

She asked about having someone come out and look at the TV. I advised that it would probably be quite expensive, no? Can anyone give me a ballpark for labor on this kind of TV thing? For instance, if it was an internal amplifier issue, have any of you guys had or know someone who has had this type of problem and know what it costed overall to have it fixed?

I recommended maybe the best thing to do was to forget about those speaker outputs and get an external amplifier. I assume for the money it would cost to get it fixed, you could get a respectable setup (she doesn't need really all that high end), and be better off overall, with surround sound etc. The downsides would be wiring and the such, but her significant other is very handy, so I would not see that as an issue.

Anyone with comments on any of this, please respond! Always glad to hear from you smart people! I will post back if I learn anything new!

Louse76's Avatar Louse76 05:44 PM 01-26-2006
Please, anyone?
Steve S's Avatar Steve S 07:21 PM 01-26-2006
Haven't experienced that particular problem. I had a similar 53UWX10B for a few weeks back in fall of '01, the SWX was the next higher model, and hopefully was a better set than the UWX series which I genuinely hated for it's clayface effect and nasty green tint at the low end of the grayscale. I returned it within the CC exchange period. I was really disappointed as I'd had excellent experience with an Hitachi Ultravision analog set previously.

To be fair I must add that the clayface problem was primarily when watching SD, much less noticeable on dvd and virtually gone on HD, which the set did beautifully otherwise.

regarding the sound issue, if the left and right audio outs on the back of the set work, it would probably be cheaper and better sounding to just get a decent HTIB for the set.

I haven't used my current set's speakers in over 2 years.
gfatherx's Avatar gfatherx 09:35 AM 09-14-2006
I found out that the sound board is discontinued and that you can send the sound board to PTS electronics and they will fix it for $105 plus shipping. Turn around time is only 3 - 5 business days. Woohoo!!!!
Good Luck and let me know if this work for you.

jgut's Avatar jgut 01:44 PM 02-02-2007
I have a similar problem. I spoke with a repairman about it and he advised that it was a common problem with this particular model. The sound board will have to be replaced if you want to use the TV speakers. I have had my set almost 5 years with the speakers not working after the first two. I use an amp/receiver so I don't concern myself with having the speakers repaired.
gfatherx's Avatar gfatherx 12:22 PM 07-30-2007
I got my fix over the weekend. PTS were able to rebuild it and turn around time was less than a week. Good Luck!
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