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csiemen's Avatar csiemen 07:45 AM 08-18-2014
Still have mine running as the downstairs family room TV. Still looks good, but I've replaced the Power Supply and have a couple other parts 'stocked' for just in case. Bet there aren't too many left running.....

elcapitain44's Avatar elcapitain44 11:20 PM 08-25-2014
Mine is still working...have had 2 repairs so far that were still under extended warranty. That has ended. New power supply and new light engine.
Unfortunately, it seems my power supply is going again. 2 or 3 times now my screen goes black, then I hear the start up chime and the picture comes back. It's like the set is turning off, and then back on by itself.
Anyone experience anything like this?
doctor15's Avatar doctor15 05:54 PM 11-23-2014
I think my set is on its last legs.

On occasion the screen goes completely black and comes back after few seconds.

I'm guessing the LED light engine is going bad, but thought I would check in to see if anyone had any cheap fixes I should look into. I had the it replaced about 5 years ago.

Otherwise I'll be getting a new TV for Black Friday.
salzman's Avatar salzman 09:12 AM 11-25-2014
Yes, this set is old, but has worked great for 8 years, picture is still great. I replaced the power supply capacitors with high temp ones several years ago and no more problems, however I am having sound issues with my 5679, very raspy audio, any one else ever experience this or know the fix?
stans39's Avatar stans39 10:01 AM 01-12-2015
Well, I finally bought a new tv to replace my 5679. I got the Samsung 60in 8500 plasma. Haven't set it up yet, but don't think the picture will be that much better, even though everyone raves about the 8500.
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