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Dark picture should mean you need a lamp. Lamps can go at any time, and one of the first signs is a darker picture. Horizontal lines could be almost anything and can't be diagnosed without seeing them. Can you post a picture? Hopefully they're lamp related too, and not caused by something you did.
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The screen seem okay when the image is static. When anything moves on the screen it gets these lines that appear to flicker. They are not any specific color, they seem to be what ever the main color of the screen are.

There is no halo on this image, it is very bright and clear. The halo is created by the camera.

This is weird, none of the internal test screens do this it is only images coming in from a DVD player or cable box. You would think if it was a loose cable or something I did with the light engine it would do it on all screen.

I appreciate any help.
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I would replace the lamp first. Worst case scenario you have a spare. If that doesn't correct it, I would search "color wheel" to see if you did something wrong. There are videos here and on youtube regarding color wheel cleaning and replacement.
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Originally Posted by turbotim View Post

Any ideas what could be causing this? Sound is good, but I cant get any menus or picture. Wd-65732.


My WD-57732 went black - no picture. No other indication of problem. Was briefly able to get same as your picture - i.e. vertical bars - before returning to black screen. Did you ever find out what the problem is or get a fix?
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hello guys,

i have a wd-73732 that is having a problem. it almost looks like a convergence problem, but from what i have read, thesed dlp tv's do not have any convergence chips. i am using only 1 coax cable on input 1. on the analog signals, the top 8 inches of the screen are distorted. the vertical lines get a "s" shape to them. whenever there is a ticker, it is all distorted. when i watch a digital signal, the screen looks fine, with no distoration at all. the test pattern also shows no problems. any ideas? thanks
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Ballast communication, code 57 on a WD-57732 Mitsubishi. This set refuses to power on after plugging back in and letting the green light stop flashing. I bought a ballast board and a lamp, and replaced them both still no pic. I have been reading these blogs for weeks and am at a loss as to what repair to try next. Cap replacement, Ic replacement ballast board repair, remove the LE1 connection????? If anyone has overcome this/these problem(s) with a WD-Y57, WD-Y65,WD-57732, WD-65732, WD-73732, on a 33 chassis, or any similar system and got their TV back up and running I would love to hear from you. The TV is currently apart as I am trying to list each Cap so I am able to put in a order to Digi-Key. I went to ; help @ tv repair kits dot com; and Ed let me know that they did not have any Cap repair kits for a WD-57732 Mits. So I have come here to look for some badly needed help. Thank you all in advance for your help and hours of sweat and anguish over the repairs you have preformed and finessed out of your TVs, Thanks again!
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I was wondering if anyone can help me out by sending me the repair manual for model WD-xx732. I have the BGLOD issue and have changed the caps as suggested, but to no avail. If you could help me out, please PM me. Thanks in advance.
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This is a link to the service manual for the WD-XX732 33+ chassis. I hope this is helpful!

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I have the 73732 and I love it. I had the light engine replaced 3 years ago. Now after replacing the lamp, I am getting the color issues with flickering after running for 20 minutes. I ordered the sensor to replace near the color wheel and received it today. If I let the Tv run for 30 to 60 more minutes, the TV goes back to normal until I shut it off. Now I am wondering if this is the sensor or if it could be the lamp. Dynamic False Contouring started after changing the lamp. Any help is appreciated.
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Sorry, I made a thread before I found this.

Is this a good bulb for my wd-y657


Or this
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I just picked up a wd65732 for another room.. I have another model mits 65 (dont know offhand) and dont have any issues.. This one i just got is cloudy and some blue things on the screen seem to have a "blue glow" around it... Would this fall into the dusty projector category? Is this what needs to be cleaned to fix it?

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The more i watch it the more it is definitely a cloudy look on whites as well

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