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Originally Posted by randyr5 View Post
Same here - flashing LED's, replaced caps, still flashing, but the TV works perfectly.
Originally Posted by bwflorida View Post
Yes, here's how I fixed my HL-T6187.
First, a TV Tech replaced the swollen caps on the power supply board. I don't know the part number, but it's the one on the right, looking at the back of the set.
However, that did not stop the flashing LEDs, so the Tech pulled the other power supply board, part number BP44-01001C, the one on the left side, and he noticed that it appeared "burned" like it might have been hit by an electrical surge.
That board's discontinued and was not easy to find, but I kept searching online and finally got one from AllProTVParts.com.
The Tech installed it today, and the LEDs are no longer flashing, and the sudden shut-off problem has gone away too.
I think that replacing both those power supply boards should probably fix your set too.
I have the same power board BP44-01001C. Pulled it and caps looked OK, but still had the flashing lights. I found one on fleabay a couple of weeks ago. Guy was selling it as an untested pull from a broken TV. I took a chance and got it. Put it in my HLT5087 and NO MORE FLASHING LIGHTS.
I had already replaced the caps on the sub-power board a few months ago. I will now replace the caps on the main power board that I removed and hopefully have a good spare.

Happy Camper now.

UPDATE - I checked the caps on the board that I removed and the 22uf 400v cap was dead. I just replaced it and will check to see if it works (see arrow). I have found that it is this cap or the two large ones in the lower left (470uf 200v) that go bad and need replacement. The ones on the far right are on the "cold" or low voltage side of the board and usually don't fail.

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Hello all! It's been a few years since I've been on these boards. I'm one of the fortunate HLT61 & 5687s owners that had almost flawless use. I replaced the DLP chip in my 61 about a 1.5 yrs ago after noticing the white dots. My 56 has been perfect *knocks on wood*...

Anyway, last week I noticed a weird issue with my 61. Fiance went to turn on the TV and received a green pixelated - almost white noise looking - image. Initially I thought it was our Onkyo receiver, so I disconnected everything, reconnected, and a couple restarts and everything worked again. I chalked it up to a loose HDMI cable. Well today it did it again.

After today's issue I decided to try and narrow it down better. Ultimately, I determined it was the TV/HDMI input that is causing the problem. Unfortunately I did not snap a photo, but I will next time. I ended up just unplugging the TV from the outlet and everything worked again no issues. As of now, I'm not really going to worry about but wanted to know if any other owners have experienced this problem? If so, what is the cause?
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Originally Posted by justlou View Post
You need to replace the DLP chip. That one dot will rapidly become many dots. If you do it yourself, the chip is around $180. Replacing it isn't difficult if you've ever replaced a computer CPU, and there is a step by step video located someplace in this thread and on YouTube.


I have an HLT-6187S.. i too just noticed a white dot appearing in the lower center of the screen..

Anyone know if this link (dlp chip) is the same for my model.. I also looked on shopjimmy and they seem to have a few hlt-6187S versions, not sure why..

Thanks in advance

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I just finished installing a new T.I. DMD chip in my 2007 HLT6187 set and now have my beautiful TV back. I bought the SHOPJIMMY replacement chip via Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...?ie=UTF8&psc=1
This generation set is very easy, as compared to some of the videos I've seen here over the past couple of years. Some of them had many screws removed, whereas this gen set it's the four screws holding the metal shield, remove the shield, then the eight screws holding the large metal casting on the PCB - 4 regular machine screws and 4 that are spring loaded. That's it! Now I have my TV back that has better PQ than any LCD that I see in stores. When the Quantum Dot enabled LCD's are available, I'll likely buy one, as the color gamut will be as good as OLED, which still has HUGE manufacturability (at reasonable cost) issues.

BTW, I checked the electrolytic caps that are going bad on so many sets, and mine all look like new. However, my set has only a max of 2 or 3 hours a average since September 2007.

If you have stuck pixels, you CAN DO THIS.
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