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dj99wa's Avatar dj99wa 06:45 PM 08-12-2011
FYI, now someone is selling a new DMD chip on ebay for $145 shipped:

top1's Avatar top1 09:18 PM 08-17-2011
is this the same chip as the one shop jimmy has ????
75006693chip cant post a link yet
top1's Avatar top1 09:19 PM 08-17-2011
looking to fix my 65 inch
top1's Avatar top1 09:21 PM 08-17-2011
it says its for a 75006693 light engine
top1's Avatar top1 09:22 PM 08-17-2011
dj99wa's Avatar dj99wa 09:27 PM 08-17-2011
The one shopjimmy has is the same chip for your 65", and half as much $$ as in your link.
lbmengr's Avatar lbmengr 09:27 AM 08-18-2011
The white spot defect doesn't show up for 3 or 4 years, at least in my case. Have they solved the defect in the new chips? Shopjimmy indicates their parts are used or salvaged parts. Does that mean they are defective ones that haven't time out yet but may anytime? The one on ebay states its a new "old" chip. Does that mean it is still on old defective chip that will go bad in a few years?

I just purchased one from Shopjimmy and will install it this weekend and hope for the best.
Splicer010's Avatar Splicer010 10:12 AM 08-18-2011

Does that mean it is still on old defective chip that will go bad in a few years?

@ 37.50/yr for 4 years, seems to me to be worth it to get a few more yaers out of a great TV.
lbmengr's Avatar lbmengr 10:52 AM 08-22-2011
Replaced the DLP chip and cleaned my 65HM167 this past weekend. It's a new one now. This forum is great I don't think I would attempted the repair without the info found here.

I agree the cost for four more years is well worth it.
lwalcott's Avatar lwalcott 10:44 PM 09-03-2011
I was wondering if anyone other than Bigdufus and Awestruck ever got the firmware to reset the 3 blinking yellow lights? I tried it over a year ago and never got it to work. I think I'm gonna drag the tv back out and give it another try.
micl9's Avatar micl9 05:34 AM 09-04-2011
Good Luck lwalcott

"drag the tv back out" LOL that must be one big closet!
lwalcott's Avatar lwalcott 09:40 AM 09-04-2011
Well tried it again this morning with the same results. I was hoping maybe it work this time. I think it might be time to set the TV out on the curb.
micl9's Avatar micl9 11:25 AM 09-04-2011
Where are you located!?
Pretty sure any member nearby would love to have it for spare parts!
QQQ23's Avatar QQQ23 02:34 PM 09-05-2011
I looked on and the 4719-001997 DLP Chip
is said to fit the 57HM167 but doesn't mention the 65HM167.
Is this chip used in bith tv's? I don't want to try backordering it and having it be the wrong one.
mboulay's Avatar mboulay 03:55 PM 09-06-2011
I have had my 57HM167 for exactly 4 years. I am on my second bulb which I replaced within the past year. Today the TV will not turn on. I get a blue light with a blinking yellow. It blinks 15 times and tries over and over until the red light blinks. I took the bulb out and it is fine. I assume it is the light engine that needs to be replaced.

I just want to make sure this is the problem before I buy one. Also if anyone has any link to buying one somewhat cheap, I would really appreciate it. I found one site that wants $365.

I am very disappointed in this TV. Four years old and I have to spend more money to fix it? I thought the bulb was expensive, now this.
Splicer010's Avatar Splicer010 08:31 PM 09-06-2011
Doesn't sound like a bad light engine at all. Did you bother to look in the manual to see what the blinking yellow then red means?

You can't look at the bulb and determine it is good or not.

From the limited info you posted the blinking red light means a fan is bad. Helluvalot cheaper than buying an entire LE. Should you need your repaired however (you can change the fan yourself) got here:

Regardless, there is a voice announcement that accompanies the blinking red light.
mboulay's Avatar mboulay 09:18 PM 09-06-2011
I did look at the chart in the service manual. It says bulb not lighting. My other bulb made the loud pop noise and was shattered. This one looks fine but it just won't light up. When turning the tv on, it makes the same sound during statup that it always had.

Do you think it is the bulb anyway? I have never had any of those white dots a lot of people are talking about. A new light engine seems to solve that problem.
Splicer010's Avatar Splicer010 06:49 AM 09-07-2011
It IS possible that it is the lamp, as I have installed a brand new lamp only to have it stop lighting after 2-3 weeks. No shattering. When returned under warranty, it was confirmed the lamp was indeed bad and a new one was sent. ALL DLP sets should have an extra, known working lamp on hand because one never knows when it may go out and it is never at an opportune time.

It too could be a bad ballast issue which is also fairly easy to replace yourself. Personally I would go for a new lamp first if it were me.

Also, I apologize, I looked at the xxHM66 model service book and the xxHM167 model may have a different code, tho it seems unlikely.
aydu's Avatar aydu 08:34 AM 09-07-2011
The set will try to light the lamp a set number of times (7-9?) before it generates the red light. This means the lamp failed to light after repeated attempts.

You can try again by unplugging the set. This will get rid of the red light and allow you to start the process again (assuming you plug the set back into the wall).

I've found that my 65HM167 does this with any lamp that is not an official Toshiba lamp. All the aftermarket brands will work for a short period of time (a week to a month) and then develop problems firing up. Once they get going, they work fine until the next power up.

The only real solution I have found is to order replacement lamps directly from Toshiba. These just work - until they pop.

They are more expensive but do come with a 6 month warranty from Toshiba. When I have had to buy a lamp from them, I always use my credit card, which doubles manufacturer's warranties - so I'm basically covered for a year.

The ballast on the 65HM167 is part of the light engine, and is not available as a separate part, so a cheap repair is not an option with these sets.

Before messing with the light engine, I'd try a good Toshiba branded lamp. I went through about 8 aftermarket lamps (all provided free of charge by the lamp vendor I got the replacement from) before even the vendor suggested going to Toshiba and refunding my $. Best advise I got on this set. Wish someone had advised me not to buy the thing, but that is another story.
akrein62's Avatar akrein62 08:50 PM 09-08-2011
My 65HM167 has the white dots issue. I'd like to try and fix it, but am having trouble finding the part. Shopjimmy lists the 4719-001997 but is out of stock. I made a web request on their web site and am waiting. Does anyone know where I can find the DMD chip? Or, what would I replace if I can't find just the chip? I've seen a listing for Part #75006693 Light Engine for about $350 at

Would this work? Not really sure I want to order something off of ebay that looks like it is used or pulled from an old tv.

aydu's Avatar aydu 10:15 AM 09-09-2011
Encompass Parts had two chip versions in stock, available for order.

I believe the chip itself is a Samsung made chip, and is also available from them.

It was used in Toshiba, Samsung, and Mitsubishi sets at the time.

All three models have developed the white dot problem, so it probably is the same chip.

I just got a call from my repair company that they have a light engine for my 65hm167 and will be out tomorrow to install it. 2nd one for my set in 4 years of ownership. Fortunately, I bought an extended warranty and the white dots started appearing the day before the warranty expired.

It looks like the chip replacement is the way to go - if you can get the chip. Replacement looks fairly easy.

I asked my repair company about doing the chip only repair but they only do module replacements. I dropped it, as I wasn't paying.

Good luck finding the chip and getting a successful repair.
dj99wa's Avatar dj99wa 06:01 PM 09-09-2011
Like I have said previously, the sources for the chips may dry up as the white dot syndrome becomes widespread. I am assuming that Samsung won't make another run of chips for this "old" technology.
aydu's Avatar aydu 01:36 PM 09-10-2011
Got my new light engine installed this afternoon. Had numerous white dots from a DMD chip.

Started to get the white dots just before my extended warranty ran out. I had a MACK extended warranty for both the set and the lamp and they have been great dealing with both.

Getting parts from Toshiba is really difficult. The light engine for the 65hm167 has been on back order from them for months. My repair guy found one from another source, but warned that it was probably rebuilt, where the replacement from Toshiba would be all new parts. Danger would be that the DMD chip on a rebuilt unit might not have been one of the components rebuilt in the unit, if it was working ok at the time.

Toshiba continually gave the repair guy an estimate of "end of the month" every month for when they would get them in. To me, this means that they had no clue.

He ordered the light engine from a secondary source, after confirming from Toshiba that there were none to be had from them and then got the light engine from Toshiba the next day via UPS. Apparently Toshiba doesn't know up from down (as evidenced by their customer service people). Their parts division is apparently no better.

Took about 1/2 hour to put the new light engine in the set. Most of that time seemed to be removing the cabinet screws from the back of the set. New one fired up fine and the picture looks like when the set first came out of the box.

I had asked the repair people about just replacing the DMD chip. They said they only replace the whole light engine to avoid alignment issues that can occur when you just drop in a new chip.

Sounded like bull to me in that a light engine is probably easier labor and the part is more expensive. Anyway, MACK approved the replacement and I'm hoping that I get another year or two out of this set before I have to replace it.

The repair guy told me that there isn't a manufacturer that is really good about stocking replacement parts, but that Toshiba is the worst. I believe it, as this is my second replacement light engine on my set and neither was obtained quickly.

The 1st replacement took almost 90 days to get. This one about 60. Long time to be without a set, if it wasn't working at all. I just had to live with the ever increasing number of white dots (about one new one per week, once they started appearing.
maddyfan171's Avatar maddyfan171 11:33 AM 09-13-2011
hello, I've owned my tv for about 3-4 years and have had no problems until now. When I turn on my tv the picture flickers. It last about 10-15 minutes then my television works perfectly fine. Is this an indication that my bulb needs to be replaced? Thanks for your help. I searched through the forum but didn't see a thread on this topic.
Splicer010's Avatar Splicer010 01:31 PM 09-13-2011
Yes, that is a lamp issue. DLP owners should have a spare lamp on hand regardless, because one never knows when a lamp may go out, and it is never an opportune time when it does finally cease working.
maddyfan171's Avatar maddyfan171 03:47 PM 09-13-2011
thanks, I will pick one up. Is a generic brand lamp ok? Also, where can I find a firmware update. The link provided in the forum is not working.
6uillo's Avatar 6uillo 01:18 PM 09-14-2011
We need to get some lawyers involved in a class action suit against Toshiba. If they did it to Samsung it could be done to Toshiba. Here is the link to court papers on the Samsung White dot lawsuit.
6uillo's Avatar 6uillo 01:19 PM 09-14-2011
looks like I need to have at least 3 post to post URL
6uillo's Avatar 6uillo 01:20 PM 09-14-2011
they also have a facebook page for the Samsung white dot warranty issue
6uillo's Avatar 6uillo 01:21 PM 09-14-2011
here is the samsung court docs.....
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