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08-19-2008 | Posts: 147
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I have a question for the pros here as far as setting the sharpness level on a Toshiba 30HF66. Primarily i'm tweaking the settings on the HDMI input for viewing HD-DVDs. I have heard that usually you want sharpness very low or off totally for high resolution inputs such as this. Is that a correct assessment for a CRT HDTV or does that only apply for LCD/Plasma? I will soon be receiving a copy of DVE HD Basics for further tweaking but I was wondering what the general consensus is as far as sharpness level for viewing high def movie content on CRT HD sets. Should it be low/middle setting or off completely? (and to clarify i'm not using SVM or asking about that setting just general sharpness adjustment) Any guidance or tips for calibrating sharpness on a CRT would be much appreciated. Thanks
SurfingMatt27's Avatar SurfingMatt27
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08-20-2008 | Posts: 2,790
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i wouldn't put it too low, it may get a bit blurry, it should be at a level that you don't see ringing on text and objects. On my SONY CRT HDTV i keep mine in the middle and it's perfectly balanced, YMMV though.
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Ask ten people, get ten different answers. The best answer is "whatever looks best to your own eyes".
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08-20-2008 | Posts: 677
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On my Sony xbr970 i'm able to keep different video settings for each video mode. For hdmi i keep the sharpness on 0, for component cable connections i keep it on 25/100. This is after calibrating with the avia sharpness pattern, but i have some settings changed in service menu that affect sharpness.
RalphArch's Avatar RalphArch
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08-21-2008 | Posts: 2,753
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Does it even work for hd inputs? I thought sharpness only affected things like composite inputs and s-video?

At least that's how I believe it is on my Marquee, and doesn't affect the RGBHV input
Allan Jayne's Avatar Allan Jayne
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08-21-2008 | Posts: 1,721
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The correct starting point for sharpness is flat video luminance frequency response. The problem is, that point is not clearly marked on the scale. On some sets, flat is at the left while on other sets flat is in the middle. If flat is in the middle, then going to the left will make the picture more blurry than it has to be.

On average, increasing sharpness also tends to increase "ringing" echoes. If your set does not have this problem, then there is no disadvantage to increasing sharpness.

Of course you may adjust it any way you want.
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08-21-2008 | Posts: 147
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Thanks for the responses. I tried setting it really low and it did indeed get very blurry so I just went back to about 50% which is what it is initially set on in the movie mode. I may play around with it more now that I have the DVE HD basics disc to look at.
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08-21-2008 | Posts: 141
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When I can get the HDDVD side of DVE working, I see the sharpest ghost-free image around 50% sharpness on my 40XBR.

An HD crt is DESIGNED to let you set this so low that pixels aren't evident with SD content. Not just with 480i / 480p, either; there are plenty of upscaling source devices with which the lower range of sharpness is useful. Doing that to HD content is silly, though.
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