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oluckydayo's Avatar oluckydayo 11:20 AM 03-29-2009
Dynex 20" Flat Tube TV. The model number is either going to be DX-F20TV (Dynex model #), NS-20FTV (Insignia model #), or 7601008 (Best buy model #).

Long story short, I use it to play arcade games on. I need the service mode to make adjustments to display them correctly.

I called the tech support via Dynex's website. What I was told is that the only people who service these are the Geek Squad at Best Buy, since it's their 'house brand'.

If someone works at a Best Buy, that would be an easy way to get one (if they keep them on hand somewhere).

Or maybe there's another way to get it, but I've been searching all sorts of forums and sites for about 2 days and I haven't found anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

Th3_uN1Qu3's Avatar Th3_uN1Qu3 11:58 AM 03-29-2009
If it's anything like the cheap sets we have over here, the code is gonna be MENU 4725 or INSTALL 4725. Try those.
oluckydayo's Avatar oluckydayo 12:02 PM 03-29-2009
Nope, no luck on that one. Thanks for the quick response though.

Still looking
Th3_uN1Qu3's Avatar Th3_uN1Qu3 03:45 PM 04-03-2009
Can you post a screenshot of the menu?
reduno's Avatar reduno 06:26 PM 04-03-2009
I have the older analog Insignia IS-TV040919. This looks like the Dynex DX-R20TV but without the ATSC tuner. The flat and curved screen digital sets both had the same user menu in Best Buy, so I believe they are made by the same manufacturer.

On the IS-TV040919, there are some hidden buttons inside the remote that bring up the service menu. The procedure to access the service manual is described at I don't know if this also applies to the digital sets.

Good luck, Red.
oluckydayo's Avatar oluckydayo 07:45 PM 04-05-2009
Thanks for the link, somebody on another forum had referred me to that earlier in the week.

I opened up the remote, and indeed there are two hidden buttons. But the remote is not the same as the remote on the Insignia. The buttons aren't in the same place. I've tried pressing the buttons, holding them, etc. in as many possible ways as I can think of, but haven't figured it out yet.

Neither hidden button when pressed or held gets any reaction from the TV.

So I think I'm on the right track, but there's something I'm missing still.

Will try to get a pic of the menu shortly.
Readykilowatt's Avatar Readykilowatt 02:05 AM 05-17-2009
Did anyone find out how to get to the service menu of the Dynex DX-R20TV?
Readykilowatt's Avatar Readykilowatt 10:44 AM 02-05-2010
I opened the remote of my Dynex DX-R20TV and there are 4 hidden buttons but they do nothing. Does anyone know who manufactured this TV so I can access the service menu?
GoneTechy's Avatar GoneTechy 05:12 PM 04-01-2011
I also would like the service menu for this TV. I have tried what is post #2 and also in the link provided above and both do not work. My remote does not have a locks button and have tried different combinations of the hidden buttons. Nada. Anymore insight to this would be greatly appreciated.
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