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I have a 3 yr old sony trinitron tv with svideo input, and evertime I watch a dvd or a widescreen vhs tape (star wars), the black bars on the top and bottom are slanted to the left. It is noticeable, not too noticable, but enough to annoy me- how can I correct this?
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many tvs today have a tilt control that can be adjusted in the basic menu. i remember the first time i say a tilted picture after setting up a new hdtv, i was like !$!#$#%$!#. then i calmed down and saw there was a nice tilt control to fix my problem. see if you have one, or maybe u can access it in a service menu, but i cant help u
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If there's no tilt control, then it means that the CRT's deflection yoke is misalighed. The only fix is to replace the tube. Sorry.


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Don't be in such a hurry to replace the guy's tube. Some tilt controls are on the back of the ACTUAL tube.

Call a good technician (you shouldn't be messing with it yourself, the adjustments are quite near the high-voltage part of the vaccum tube) and he'll tell you if there's a tilt control there.

Does this only occur when your TV is in 16:9 mode (i.e., are the movies anamorphic and you have to switch to this mode to see the letterbox bars)? If so, Selden might be correct - since some tubes behave quite badly when you compress them down to 16:9 mode.

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I underline oferlaor's statement!

I have a Sony KV-28FD1E and had the same problem. The picture slanted down to the left side. This was manageable in the setup menu.

But, I was faced with another problem! The picture was not centered correctly and that differently for each picture mode (4:3, 16:9, etc.). I was lucky enough to have the technical plans with all the setting codes. See there, you have a hidden menu that allows you to adjust deflection control. On my set I can enter that menu by pressing "PROG +" and "PROG -" at the same time while the tv is in standby.

CAUTION: If you don't know what your doing you can mess things up badly.

I suggest you call a good technician as oferlaor stated.
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Warning – Even if you unplug your TV there may (usually will) be a charged Cap (25KV and a lot of amps). If you let it, it will leave a mark!

If you’re feeling luck today, or; if today is a good day to die, read on. Else, call your TV service shop.

You stand a good chance of fixing this yourself. If there is not electronic adjustment you can try to fix it by adjusting it mechanically. This is true for a number of TV’s and might be true for yours. On the back of the tube there is a collar which may be rotated. The purpose of this collar is to aim the electron gun. It has several turns of copper witch create a magnetic field. Often there will be a screw or two holding the collar tight on the tube. Just loosen it and rotate it. A very small turn is all that is needed. A couple of degrees usually will do the trick.

Post Elven Ent
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I only had to use my F-38310 tilt only once, when I joined AVS forum, you guys were out of tilt in July of
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