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Hey guys

New to the forum, ( Ola! ) i think the site absolutely rocks. No profanity or rude comments at all that i normally see on other techie forms. Its great!

But onto my question:

Im in the midst of making a deal with a friend for the Toshiba 34" HD Ready Widescreen TV (34HF83)

Doing my research over the past couple of weeks, ive read about convergence issues, banding issues, geometry issues, white glow, 1080i hdmi issues with the toshiba 34HF83. To be honest, i have an idea of what these issues but is this with every toshiba 34HF83 set? Like, im soo confused. Im a techie and all, but even this is slightly boggling to me. Can someone briefly explain this to me? Should i continue searching for the best crt hd tv? Or just get this model? I just want a realiable HD CRT tv for my games and movies. Thats all. No hassles.

My friend told me his tv was particularly good and has had no issues at all. I've yet to test it out my self according to my standards

Ive considered the sony xbr960 or the XSS models but they're extremely difficult to find in Toronto, Canada.

SO, my question is, IS this model, 34HF83 any good? Is it realiable? Is it worth the $220 price tag ( its being sold with stand and home theatre, Omega speakers and a Reel subwoofer)

Im gaming with it - HDMI - DVI converter by HDfury. I really dont want to have any of those issues, convergence, banding, etc. If i do, i'd be really upset if that was the case. I've also heard the HDMI outlets on the toshiba and sony models give owners a real hard time. Was there a partcular model in a certain year that didnt have these problems at all? Maybe a 'perfect' model?

Just plainly, someone tell me, from your experiences and knowledge, is this tv worth it for what i want? Or should i keep looking?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated, im desperate for my gaming tv and im very impatient with all this searching and reading. Its been nearly two months already! Please help!
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What i can tell you is that for gaming on the xbox360 and ps3 it's a great TV but any signal older any older CRT is better. The HF83 (and all the 83) series has issues for sure but not all models do break down. It is worth the 220$ for sure and with a HDMI to VGA adaptor it would be amazing on the computer. But if I were you, since you live in Toronto, LOOK for office surplus stores and the like for CRT computer monitors. I bought a Mitsubishi XC3715C in Toronto and a NEC XP37+ (Both 35,36" 4:3 CRT Monitors). They are both much better than any Toshiba and even better than a lot of Sony HD sets. I've compared a lot of TV's (being a TV repairman) and NO LCD,Plasma and HDTV(even normal HD CRT TV'S like your Toshiba and the Tau series from Panasonic) even come close to the image quality in SD [b]and[b] HD. My XC3715C was bought for 250$ but it's not a HD set(maximum resolution 800x600) but it kills any other set in SD. It has S-Video inputs/RGBHV/Composite and VGA(needs an adaptor but is directly compatible).
The XP37+ (XP-3790) is probably one of the better CRT monitors ever made. It syncs up to QXGA (2048x1536) and has component/RGBHV/VGA/S-video and VGA inputs.
Many other models are out there(If you're lucky ) like the XM37+ the XP29+ and the XM29 and the mitsubishi XC3725C(Same as XM37) and other CRT monitors from NEC and Mitsubishi.
I say, at 220$ your Toshiba is a good set that will have an awesome HD quality(with lots of jitter like all TV's with comb filter(unlike mine)) but SD won't be that good for gaming.
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