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theTak's Avatar theTak 12:10 PM 03-08-2011
EDIT: That should read KV-36XBR-800, just for clarity

Hey all. I've looked around and haven't found my exact model listed before (lots of XBR tubes though, so hopefully they're similar).

I'm looking for any technical manual or pointers as to what are problem areas. I haven't opened up the plastic housing yet, as the tube still mostly works.

The tube started off with a color 'tint', typically red or blue. Then it would 'flash out' and turn off. Now it tends towards having a red tint and horizontal bars on it about 50/50 when I turn it on. I've gotten a five-flash red light while the picture is on, and now I'm getting the five flashes while it's off.

I'm going to have a friend help me with any actual replacement of parts, but from what I've been reading the XBR series has a few bum parts that are responsible for most of its problems so how can I go about narrowing down exactly which components are the bad ones?

Also, is it advisable to replace any bulged or leaking capacitors once it's open and we're already back there?

I appreciate any help as I don't really have the money to replace the TV with anything other than a cheapo LCD (which would be a huge disappointment given the quality of this tube when it works!).

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