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P719C1's Avatar P719C1 08:37 PM 03-14-2011
Unit powers on, and I can see the heater filament glow. Flyback transformer is making the ~15.7 KHz high-pitched squeal like it's supposed to.
However there is no picture from any input. Unit is unresponsive to changing brightness, contrast, and color temperature settings. Slapping the unit on the side does nothing and none of the solder joints LOOK loose.
No electrolytic capacitors look bad, though I currently have neither the time nor the means to test every single capacitor in the unit.
No light coming from the screen at all. Tried adjusting the Focus and Screen adjustments (they're not directly on the FBT but rather on the rear video board) but didn't see any screws for them, just three solder joints each. When I stuck a screwdriver in the Screen one to close the circuit, it arced and I got some bright white noise on the screen (no video input was connected). I did it again holding it for a couple seconds, but then I noticed a small amount of smoke that appeared to be coming from the anode cap. (Bad idea maybe? But at least it allowed me to narrow down the possibilities.)

Is the HOT shot? Flyback transformer problem? Or is it just that those resistors (rheostats?) for the Screen and Focus are missing? (What exactly are they called and where could I order them?) Sorry for being a noob, I just would like to get this thing working again.

christcc2's Avatar christcc2 09:16 PM 03-14-2011
You might have a bad board.

Sony will do a complete overhaul of the unit for you. I'm not sure how much the charge is. Two or three shop hours at $135/hr last I checked.
P719C1's Avatar P719C1 02:41 PM 03-16-2011
Thanks for the info. Not sure I want to spend that kind of money on it though. Any specific problem that you suspect that I may be able to repair myself?
P719C1's Avatar P719C1 08:18 PM 03-21-2011
Potentiometers, that's what they're called. I'm not seeing them in the FOCUS and SCREEN holes. Could they have broken off somehow?
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