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ericlhyman 04-13-2002 12:00 PM

One post mentioned that the F38310 has been discontinued.
Any news on its replacement model?

hob 04-15-2002 07:06 PM

I was on the phone with Thompson today, they didn't want to mention any sizes, here is the Tech toll free number you try, maybe I asked him/her the wrong questions. 1-877-722-4388 Thomson Media tech division I had first tried their other number I had which was 1-800-336-1900

They switched me over to the *tech* division. Best of Luck the rep I had *said* 39 inches or what ever they wanted to configure, wierd really wierd. He "did say that my knowledge of the F-38310 was *more* than he knew" about his own product. Kudos to me LOL

Come on I joined the forum in July of last year but lurked on long enough before I joined to find out what the best direct tube in 16 X 9 format to buy. Awsome F38310 in June of 2001 www.bettercables.com hooked up to Quality .999 Pure Silver over High-Pure Oxygen Free Copper Silver Serpents at only $99 a meter. Both of my DVD mega changers are going through a self converted InlineInc IN3504 with BNC to RCA phono jack gold plated connecters fir a 4 to 1 remotely controled with enough room for 2 other devices than my 2 mega DVD changers for a CPU from component adapter. For a quality high rez computer using the built in DTC-100 line doubler, The other?

Maybe he was right about me knowing so much and knowing the best cables and Component Switching Device to use with the
WebTV to have the worlds biggest 16 X 9 Home Theatre Web Browser. DTC-100 line doubler and connected with my S-Video Silver Serpents from my Sony DVD CX-860(300) mega changer to WebTV unit. Component cables from same changer and CX-850D DVD mega changer to 2 of the 4 to 1 component InlineInc on the back of the F-38310 Y-Pr-Pb single component input.

Not cabinet or speakers but *Inside* glass measurements are 19 inches Vertical and 33.75 inches in width. Connected to WebTV like right now my in *full* not fill format, dimensions are 17 inches of Vertical height and 32 inches width. I know there is *no* bigger Direct View Tube HDTV in the world that can give WebTV a bigger 16 X 9 view than RCA F-38310!

Some of you call it the stretch mode which would be true on movies. I have the same view as computers on WebTV. I have their latest upgrade and unit capable of putting almost digital pictures in e-mail, in home pages. I never used a computer on a 16 X 9 format, just a 17" 16" viewable square view, that filled all 4 corners of the screen.

Want proof click on my URL in my AVS signature box, I guarantee you it will fit on your HDTV from side to side not quite from the left or right sides. Whatever size you have and that is just my home page! Find out what the movie was and who starred in it changed April 14th.:)

ericlhyman 04-19-2002 02:36 PM

Dave Arland informed me that RCA will not be offering a replacement 38" widescreen set since the chassis for it is being discontinued.

hob 04-20-2002 04:34 PM

That is the same information I got off of www.rca.com About Press Releases. David Arland and another guy who I really didn't look at much.:)

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