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poorcollegeguy's Avatar poorcollegeguy 02:13 PM 04-13-2002
This may be a ridiculously dumb question but i dont know much about this sort of thing. I have a 27 inch panasonic tv...component and s- video connections...its pretty new....I'm wondering if theres any way i can hook my plain old run gateway laptop to it. The only reason i really wanna do this is for those cool looking effects that winamp can play or some other programs while music is on. I just figured itd be cool if my tv had that goin on it....any help is appreciated....thanks guys
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MrGonk's Avatar MrGonk 02:26 PM 04-13-2002
there MIGHT be a way. first, you'd need to find out if your computer has a monitor output on it (vga or dvi), but that in itself is unlikely because of the fully integrated design of the laptop. however, if it does, it is possible that you could get a vga-svideo or vga-component (480i) transcoder. while that is a possibility, such devices can run you upwards of 200+ dollars, and with that in mind i think you're just going to want to watch your winamp visualizations on your computer : )
poorcollegeguy's Avatar poorcollegeguy 03:05 PM 04-13-2002
thanks for the help...but i dont think ill be spending that much money just for those visualizations ...thanks anyway
Selden Ball's Avatar Selden Ball 09:08 PM 04-16-2002
Many laptops have a standard VGA (DB15) output connector on the back so they can be used with an external CRT or projector. If yours does, then it can be connected to a device called a "scan convertor".

Many different models and price ranges of scan convertors are available. Ones which work with just about any computer resolution cost more than those which require the display to be set to VGA (640x480) resolutions.

Here are some manufacturers of relatively inexpensive models: Askey Computer Corp scan converter AverMedia AverKey 500 Focus Enhancements (tview gold)
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