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Man, let me just post this quick story for you guys, skip to the bottom for my actual questions:

Back around 2006 (I think) when Best buy was still selling widescreen CRTs I went looking at the TVs there ( I didn't really have the money, the CRT was 1000$ then ) But I slapped it on my creditcard anyway because I wanted to see what the fuss about HDTVs are and I set it up and everything and spent a hole week watching DVDs on it. I was fricken amazed, but I had to return it by then (restocking fee took 50$ =[, but it was worth it!)

so right I was like, eh I really don't need one right now... I don't have any HD content

Anyway, around XMAS last year I remembered how good that TV was, so I came to this forum and eventually got ahold of a 30HS420, I watched it and was blown away by it again, 3 days later it won't turn on... I took it to the shop and they couldn't fix it... but luckily I managed to get my money back. I was like at this moment, "man, I searched craigslist for 15 days, halled this big ass tv to my room, then it stops working this aint worth it" and gave up there

now 5 months later here I am again wanting another CRT tv lol


I just did a quick search around my area no signs of the SFP Trinitron Tubes still.

Anyway I still don't have any HD content (besides my computer, future wii2 console which I will be getting, and netflix I could sub to)

But I just got some collector DVD editions of some of my favorite series, and movies, and they are suppose to be perfect DVD encodes and I was thinking how nice it'd be to have a nice CRT to watch these on.

so my question here is: What's the best 4:3 SDTV models out there, and do any of them have service menu settings like the 30XBR910 series?

Honestly I'd love to get my hands on a 30XBR910 or so still, I read up all about how to adjust the overscan, geometry, focusing (manually with a screwdriver) when I was about to get the other TV but I'd settle for a good normal one right now.
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If I read that straight you want advice on used 4:3 CRT'S. It depends on what you prefer, lots of precision, excellent color rendition, etc.
Nowadays people are selling their CRT's for almost nothing so it's a good time for getting a deal on used CRT's.
Having only HD,SD 4:3 CRT's myself I tried getting only the best. (And SONY CRT's are very low on my list)

If you want a large 32-36 CRT

1: Hitachi 32 or 36" CRT 4:3 from the late 90's to 02 that have Component inputs. These TV's lack precision but are maybe the best in color rendition. They have amazing quality for movies and also anime where color matters. Non-HD so no quality loss in SD like Sony XBR's.
2: Panasonic Tau series SD 32-36". These heavyweight monsters deliver maybe the best precision and colors out of all CRT's. Though they sometimes suffer from a too low adjusted screen( Strenght of tube(brightness looks too low))
and degausser problems they are mostly troublefree. The HD models are amazing in HD but have poor quality in SD. The SD Tau models have superb precision (much better than the HD models) in SD and great colors.
3: Older model CRT's. Mitsubishi had overall the best TV's of all time both in precision, tube strenght (contrast). Color was awesome too.
The older 37" Mitsubishi CRT's have amazing sound and maybe the best picture of all in S-Video (ex. CS-3725C 37")
If you want to have the BEST SD picture ever. Look for mitsubishi 29-37" Megaview monitors and connect to a PC to watch your movies. Sony XBR's in HD have only a very slightly better quality image in HD and those are SDTV's. NEC/Mitsubishi monitors are simply the best of the 4:3 HD CRT's (29-37" Multisync Pro series (ex. XP37+(XP-3791)). When connected to a PC they have the best quality image of all TV's. Believe me, even FD Trinitrons in HD have no better quality image compared to mine.(seen and compared both, NEC one had better precision and no loss from digital conversion since it's multisync and has no loss in comb filter, etc.)
Only problem is that Mitsubishi's/Nec's are VERY hard to find (NEC = $$ Some 10-15 year old ones are still selling over a 1000$)
Toshiba CRT's also have great quality. Samsung are good TV but like all Samsung's, construction quality is very bad and they tend to break easily (I repair 1-2 years old Sammy LCD's (42-55"), plasma).
Same thing with Sony CRT's. The WEGA series had very low quality construction ( repair at least a couple every week for supply, Microprocessor, flyback,vertical, picture tube, etc.) but they have a good/average quality in SD. Go with Sony as a last resort only after looking at other models since they have such a high chance of only lasting a month to a year and then breaking down. On older Trinitons' (except mid 80-90) Tube quality was very poor and usually last no more than 10 years at best.
Longest lasting tube CRT'S
Panasonic (I still repair some from the 70's with tubes that are perfect)
Mitsubishi (Have 20 years old CRT's used everyday and tube has not even dropped in contrast and precision yet.)

Shortest lasting CRT'S
Mid 90's to early 2000 Zenith CRT's (Tube arrived from the company already DEAD) :lol
Mid 90's to early 2000 Sony CRT's (Lasted almost all from 2-7 years and then contrast and quality drops very low( and starts to flash))

Well that was long.. Good luck finding a TV that suits you (and don't freaking buy a RCA or some lowly brand CRT when you can have for the same price or less a MUCH better one)
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Originally Posted by neccrttv View Post

Mitsubishi (Have 20 years old CRT's used everyday and tube has not even dropped in contrast and precision yet.)

I have a 19'' Mitsubishi I bought new in 85, still has a amazing picture bright perfect colors.
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