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I have two HDTVs in my home currently, an RPTV and a FPTV (both 16x9.) I am considering upgrading my bedroom TV to a HDTV, and need a Direct View set. However, due to the entertainment center's size and door width, I can't do a 16x9.

Assuming I don't buy right away, do you think that the CE manufacturers will continue to make 4x3 sets for this very reason? Or should I get a 4x3 now so I don't have to have my choice limited to just those brands that make a 4x3 - 18 months from now?

I guess what I am hoping to hear, as strange as it sounds, is that 4x3 sets will stick around a little longer. Bizarre, huh?
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I wouldn't worry much about there being no 4:3's for some time to come. I live in a poorly paying part of a poorly paying State and even Wal-Mart has trouble moving TV's that cost more than $200.

Since 16:9 tubes cost considerably more than that, we will end up with the "haves" watching wide screen and the "have-nots" watching letterboxes on "Discount models."

Since there are a bunch of have-nots in this country, 4:3 will be around for a long time.
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There will continue to be 4x3 (digital) TVs until the manufacturing of 16x9 TVs ramps up to a place where the price difference is gone or negligible. So far, we seem to be at least two or three years out from that, if not five or more.

My first digital TV will be a 4:3 for two reasons: First, I already have a 16:9 NTSC RPTV (Toshiba TW40H80) which I bought six months before the release of the Toshiba digital model of the same size for the same price (ouch!); I use this one mainly for watching DVDs. Second, the TV I'm looking at purchasing is the Samsung 27-inch "DynaFlat" which will replace my 27-inch Philips NTSC on which I use my ReplayTV and my Playstation 2. I figure this size will allow me to enjoy digital programming as well as allowing me to watch upconverted 480i stuff without being as annoyed about the artifacts. With the bigger HDTVs, I just know that I'm going to want an outboard scaler for all the old material, and I'm just not ready to leave my Toshiba yet (it's been a great set, by the way).

I considered going with one of the 16:9 direct-view sets, but the price/size/quality issues, not to mention the connectivity issues, are still holding me back. With the Samsung, I will be paying less than $1,000 (I've seen it as cheap as $800 so far) and, again, it will still be a good size for standard viewing if the whole DVI mess hoses everyone with an old TV (though I'm actually optimistic about that).

Bah, I'm talking too much. What was my point again? Oh yeah. There will be plenty of digital 4:3 sets for quite a while. :D

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