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iseetv's Avatar iseetv 08:50 PM 02-14-2013
Hey wow. Theres someone out there. Thanks.
I thought I was writing to myself!
Ordering parts, waiting, installing them, and then finding out it wasn't the problem, kind of ticks me off more.
I wanted to see if I could fix it, just with the parts,
I have lying around from past projects, and use the net for knowlege.
The video amp ics, in this case TDA6101Q, without heatsinks, did not seem to be the problem.
I even switched the output cathode resistors of the red and green amps to opposite cathode pins, at one point,
but did not want to wait a day or so, watching freaky colored faces.
I have a feeling like on someone else's post, that their fixed tv, was probably from doing multiple things,
changing out resistors, ics and solder touchup.
Today, all ok, but after reading your post, I went back and resoldered all the component connections for the green amp,
and really scratched the leads and pads with the soldering iron, to get rid of any oxides,
especially on the 2 watt feedback resistors.
I'm still going to use the newly made heater winding.
At a later date, I might connect up one end to ground, to see if the green comes back.
I also decided the three turns was making the tv too bright,
and put a 4 ohm 40 watt resistor, in series with winding, to increase longevity of tube.
Yes, ha ha, really big wattage, leftover from testing audio amps.

Drives, cutoffs, focus and screen all adjusted to perfection.
The back cover is back on. Everything is good.
If you don't hear from me again, then the TV is working,.........forever.

Thanks iforsevilla

iseetv's Avatar iseetv 07:50 PM 02-25-2013
Hmm. mad.gif
I found out that an isolated tube heater winding, over an hour or so,
makes the tube focus drift a lot.
I connected one end back to ground, and focus has stabilized.

A strange thing happened.
The thing is, there are no more green flashes after a few days, since connecting back up.
I tapped the neck as before, but nothing. Maybe it wasn't a H to K short after all?
I'm not sure whether to be red faced from embarrassment or not.
Possibly my analytical approach was incorrect.
Originally tapping the tube neck, in the past would also have given the pcboard attached to the neck,
with all it's components and solder joints, vibrations in unison.
I guess a real technician would add a temporary wire harness from pcb to tube neck,
to isolate any vibration. I don't believe the video amp was at fault.
They are analog. They either work or don't work, and they sure don't heal by themselves.
So there may have been a bad solder joint, that is now fixed.
Anyways, still happy, never spent a penny, only time, and only time will tell.

Still thinking. Could have been one of those random neutrons from cosmos,
or alternate universe glitches! Nah. rolleyes.gif
Tendoboy's Avatar Tendoboy 03:42 PM 04-24-2013
Well folks -- it was a good run...but I had to let it go.....

I kept having the random shutting off events and bought an LED. I actually planned on keeping the TV and putting it in the office - annoying that it would shut down, but it still worked. My brother and I were moving it into the garage and I didn't put enough screws in the back (cause I kept working on it) and it caught on a shoe, the rear cover / lower board flexed, and broke the end of the CRT off.....I'm glad it had been discharged or we would have had more issues than the hissing noise we heard !!!!


I had to take it to the dump and this is how it ended up.....and yes I took a picture cause I loved the TV !

I kept the board and am willing to let that go for someone to fix up their own 34XBR800 -- I only ask that it go to a good home (and you pay to ship it smile.gif )

Let me know -- the board has new Caps's and (removable) IC's.....

You all have been GREAT in helping me keep it going a good 2 more years THANKS !!!
iseetv's Avatar iseetv 09:03 PM 04-26-2013
Sad to see your friend in such a bad way, and that you are willing to donate it's organs,
to bring joy and happiness to some other living room.

My TV is still going strong. I really think good solder joints make the difference.

When my friend finally goes out in a fizzle, no dumpster. I'll give it some class.
I'm going to bury it in the back yard, with the Sony logo on the cross!
HDTimeShifter's Avatar HDTimeShifter 10:20 AM 05-09-2013
I just found this thread yesterday, but I started getting the red screen (often with horizontal lines) and into standby mode with LED blinking 7 times about a month ago on my 34XBR800. I had repaired the TV 3 years ago by replacing a simple fuse ($5 part from Sony). But now the TV is a month away from its 10 year birthday and my personal experience is that most tubes last up to 12 years, so I figured it was nearing it's end of life and wouldn't be worth repairing. I also have no soldering experience and didn't want to spend more than a few $ if it was going to die within a year or 2 anyway. In the last week or so, I've noticed that whites sometimes have a bluish tint (my HD DVR cable box white menu screen which I have to go through each time I power up to reset from DVI to HDMI because of a bug in my Denon 1910) occasionally has a bluish tint around the edges and people faces sometimes have a blue coloration even when the white menu is not blue tinged. Is this a result of just the red video IC going bad or both the green or blue ones? Funny thing is the Toshiba TV I owned before the Sony had one of the rays (or ICs?) go bad and everything had a green tint to it for about a year until it finally died after 13 years when I replaced it with the Sony and discovered Star Trek Voyager uniforms were actually blue instead of purple (or was it vice versa?)!

I spent the past month re-researching plasma TVs (first researched flat screens back in 2009 when I initially thought my Sony had died), and last Friday ordered a Panasonic 65S64, which should arrive within a week. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my Sony will stay alive until then. After I get my new plasma, the Sony will be up for grabs, so if anyone here wants it, PM me.
HDTimeShifter's Avatar HDTimeShifter 11:01 AM 05-14-2013
My 34XBR800 which has developed the red screen/shut off with 7 times blinking standby light problem will stay on for hours after power cycling it one to a few times and won't repeat the problem for days afterwards. The picture is great - haven't seen the bluish tint again since mentioning it above - I guess that was a temporary thing. It's in Denver, free for whoever wants it. PM me.
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