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I created this topic to help me create a list of EDTV CRT TV models. Since I want to buy one, just to play retro games (PS2, Xbox, GameCube and Wii)

I'm from Venezuela and buy it for mercadolibre which is the Latin American ebay say ...

The idea is to tell me Sony model numbers that support progressive scan, since it is the most abundant brand in my country.

Almost all vendors do not place the TV model number. So I have to ask them one by one the models to each vendor. Then search the internet if is EDTV.

The point is that I look and do not leave the characteristics of the majorities of the TV. So it would take weeks.

Since you know much about it. I would greatly appreciate if they are placing models with EDTV.

I want a TV as small as possible. If it's 21 inches would be great. Models also can be placed up to 30 inches.
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