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TomComm's Avatar TomComm 03:25 PM 07-04-2012
I have two Sony KD-34XBR2 CRT HD’s I got free for hauling them away. One works perfect, but the other starts up with no flashing codes and will display only static SD images off a dvd. Once any scene changes or any movement occurs it immediately does a power shut down. I can restore operation by unplugging it for at least 5 minutes and plug it back in. Degauss sound is heard and the screen reappears and stays as long as the scene remains static. The screen is perfect SD except it has massive pincushion both sides. The Sony OEM Service manual describes a Service Mode activate sequence that is impossible to interpret! So I have no way to correct the pincushion distortion from the remote. I checked the V+ and V- wires going to the conversion yoke, no horz or vert waveforms present. Seems there is failure on the “D” deflection board’s pincushion correction circuitry. I might fix this first to see if that solves the non-static video shut down problem, but I doubt it. So any suggestions besides trashing it?………Tom347342347700

TomComm's Avatar TomComm 02:16 PM 07-22-2012
Thanks NECCRTV and CRTGameror the “relay jumpering” suggestion. I implemented this by selectively jumpering the “D” board’s AC input relay RY6501 terminals with a spst toggle switch on a 3 foot zip cord cable. The switch is necessary since a permanent jumper prevented the 34XBR2 from completing its startup and turn off sequence. This problem 34XBR2 is now capable of displaying any SD DVD and HD BRD video with motion from my Sony BDP-360 player. The hatchet arrangement is temporary until I solve the real problem and get into the service codes to “calibrate” the HDTV’s picture quality. I doubt if I could ever get it as good as its “perfect” twin. So the two freebie 34XBR2s with sr#8009599, March 2002 and sr#8010558, April 2002 are still operational. Question: is the 34XBR2 Sony’s first wide-screen production HD receiver or were there earlier 34XBR.. versions? Where there earlier 34=+ inch wide-screen production HD receivers by other manufactures? If so what were they and where are they now?..............Tom
midcenturyguy47's Avatar midcenturyguy47 02:03 PM 01-01-2013
TomComm; You state you have two FREEBIE Sony KD-34XBR2 tvs one with some picture quality trouble? I just bought one from has Serial No# 8009423 and production date: March 2002 very interesting. My set works great;; but These are the earliest of Sony's HD Tube tv's they ever made. There is one problem in 6 weeks now of having it; while watching, without notice, tv will shut off.
I don't know why this is happening...but maybe needs some new chip or something; anything you know? thanks Larry NYC
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