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deandome2's Avatar deandome2 05:36 PM 12-23-2012
Replaced my old 32" Trinitron in the basement w/a new plasma. Moving the CRT off the stand reminded me of how GODAWFUL HEAVY the thing is. My wife an I barely got it to the floor, so the thought of going up a flight of stairs, across the house...into the car, etc....has me thinking 'back surgery'. That's why the set is sitting on the floor.

So I was thinking that I could/should take it apart, strip off all the electronics (it's been unplugged for months, shouldn't be any residual charge anywhere) and the shell, and then break the tube so I can lug it up & out in a few 'batches'.

I'm not looking to implode it cuz it would be cool!! I'll gladly/preferably release the vacuum in a non-explosive way before breaking out the hammer on the glass; how could I do that? Otherwise, I'm thinking if I put the tube into 1 or 2 of those super-heavy, contractor-grade plastic bags, that would contain all the glass, vacuum or not.

What do you think?


Floydage's Avatar Floydage 09:41 AM 12-24-2012
Strap it to a dolly (the stand-up kind for carrying big stuff up stairs), you've already gotten it off the stand. Once outside certainly can get some help loading (no curbside pick-up?). Best Buy takes them free up to 32" for recycling and they'll help unload at the store.
Now the crude method without a dolly would be to slide it across the floor on an old piece of carpet or somesuch and for the stairs kind of rotate it up along the sides a few steps at a time (think reverse slinky).
Ratman's Avatar Ratman 09:55 AM 12-24-2012
Advertise it on Craigslist as free and note: "take it, it's yours".
Call a few donation places (Purple Heart, Disabled Vets, Goodwill, churches, missionaries, etc.) or recycling centers to see if they would cart it away.

I don't think it would be wise to "break up" a CRT in the home (or outdoors).
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