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Cubical's Avatar Cubical 05:16 AM 03-10-2013

I was wondering if somebody would help me with this

I already called the Repair guy sony sent me too but to me they all sound clueless He said the tube is dying so I just want some other peoples Ideas. I don't think he even bother to check anything since he did not plug in anything to the service port or take off the back cover to check circit boards and hook them up to any tester and just told me it is not worth fixing and he could not get parts.

After about 5 or six minutes pure black content gets a red tint and small lines to it but when it brights back up it goes away perfect picture when you first turn the TV on the blacks are fine.

it comes back closer it gets to all black and flickers a bit when it does it if it is all white the picture is 100% perfect or just normal bright things on TV or games.

I know it is not the video since it shows up when nothing is plugged in and I know it is not the video settings or color.

It looks like the pic above but it is hard to get on camera except for the video the screen should be all black but it has a red tint to it. the whole screen has a shade of red in the pic you can see it more in the corners.

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