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gary777's Avatar gary777 10:34 PM 04-04-2013
I have a Sony KD-34XRB960 that is still pretty much work perfect. However every week or two for a day thr TV blacks out for just a few seconds, then when the picture and sound comes back on I see in the upper left Video 6 or 7 in my case, and in the lower left full for screen mode. some times the blink is so quick the picture and sound never go out but the Video 6 or 7 just pops up and the Full, for screen mode.

It does this even when all components are unplugged. Seems the audio and video just drop out for a second. I really like this tv and it'ds been a loooooong time since I have worked on a TV, I am talking pre HD and earlier.

Need some ideas as to what could be happening.

I can simulate the problem by unplugging the device I am using, plug it back in and there is the Vidio and Full on the screen. Just like when I first power it up. I am not losing power though, at least not in the main power supply.

Comments please...

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