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gringito's Avatar gringito 11:10 PM 06-01-2013
hello everyone this is my first post .so forgive any discrepancies! looks like i should be able to get clear concise answers here in this wonderful site! something i havent been able to do here in cancun mex! there is one authorized service center here and recently i brought my precious KV 34DRC510 CRT HDTV in for repair with the all to common 7 flash syndrome! they kept it for a month and when i got it back i excitedly hooked it up first to my standard analog cable tv feed the image seemed to be in ZOOM mode .as i understand this tv wants a 1080p signal and upscales everything to that resolution .so i thought maybe it was like that to compensate for the low res image it was recieving!! so i hooked it up to my DENON avr 890 . wfhich can upscale ANY signal to HD 1080p now it shows the bars in wide aspect but they are oval in shape with a bulge in the center.and the image seems zoomed..even a novice like me with a little research ,have discovered this is a CALIBRATION AND OR CONFIGURATION PROBLEM. isnt calibration a normal part of the repair procedure for a high end sony television? when i inquired at the shop they told me i had to get the original remote control and the ZOOM feature could be disabled .....i really dont think its the remote.ive tried two different original sony remotes also in the menu the part where its supposed to say 16.9 or 4.3 or panaromic isnt there its greyed out...............whats going on shouldnt the shop have calibrated the tv? thanks for any help or knowledgeable answers. all zoomed out in cancun!

Floydage's Avatar Floydage 01:03 PM 06-02-2013
I've yet to hear of a CRT that could do 1080p but I'm sure someone here will inform me of some obscure model that can do it rolleyes.gif . Anyhow, try lowering the resolution to the input of the TV.
gringito's Avatar gringito 04:39 PM 06-02-2013
thanks for the response ...not exactly the info i was looking for ....there a quite a few crt televisions that are true HDTV my sony kv 34drc510 being amongst them! i was actually looking forward to a member who is familiar with these crt sony televisions since you didnt even know a crt hdtv exists .you probably arent aware they are FAR SUPERIOR than any flat screen display!... anyway i need some info on the service menu for these t.vs i appreciate youre response .
gringito's Avatar gringito 04:45 PM 06-02-2013
p.s when i say FAR SUPERIOR that refers to a personal observation based on image quality and years of searching for a television that knocks my eyes out like this sony ! of which i have yet to find and i have seen every model of new 3d sony and other brands of flat screens...............not even close!!!
Floydage's Avatar Floydage 05:50 PM 06-02-2013
Originally Posted by gringito View Post

i was actually looking forward to a member who is familiar with these crt sony televisions since you didnt even know a crt hdtv exists .you probably arent aware they are FAR SUPERIOR than any flat screen display!

That's out of line here, I never said any of that and I do have a pair of CRT HDTVs. Anyhow, I've never heard of a DRC version so maybe you got a rare Sony that can display 1080p if they exist.
gringito's Avatar gringito 06:06 AM 06-03-2013
sorry bro didnt mean to sound rude but i know there are people in here that are knowledgeble about these things if you google that model number you wil see that drc HDTV MODEL supposedly only available in latin america .the problem is it looks like its in ZOOM MODE. the more research i do the more it looks liike a service menu configuration problem.i didnt mean to take my frustration out on anybody in particular......ok its another day their a sony tech in here somewhere that can maybe advise me what is my best options for these disturbing symptoms.ZOOMED pixelated,in widescreen mode the black bar on top of the screen is bowed with a significant bulge in the upper middle i will recieve a TASCAM PRO DVD PLAYER i can play with the aspect ratios at will. but am 99 percent sure its not that ,,,i think i need a sony calibration tech or some sort of reference for symptoms and fixes for specific problems *like the bowing( the more i investigate the more complicated the service menu seems..! they gave me a two month warranty on my tele repair ...the problem is it weighs like 240lbs and i dont have a truck or barge or forklift!!once again didnt mean to be rude .im just feeling a little technologically challenged!
Floydage's Avatar Floydage 09:39 AM 06-03-2013
OK. Yeah I searched (Yahoo) and couldn't find much of anything on it, only a couple of blog refs and sites trying to get me to buy a service manual. I was trying to find specs or manual to see if it could support 1080p as no US Sonys do unless it's some high-end professional grade units I'm unfamiliar with. At that point I figured it must be non-US. Sucks they won't at least just come out and look at the problem as part of your warranty. GL!
HFXguy's Avatar HFXguy 09:54 AM 06-03-2013
From google it is a Latin Amercian version of a HS510. 1080i max
Floydage's Avatar Floydage 12:57 PM 06-03-2013
Originally Posted by HFXguy View Post

From google it is a Latin Amercian version of a HS510. 1080i max

Thanks and that's what I thought, would have been shocked if that fundamental part of it (scanning) was that much different. Seems odd that it would display anything, my Panny goes blank with the wrong type of input but this is a Sony. An HS510 also has DVI whereas my Panny only goes up to component input; I don't know what input the Denon is hooked up to on his DRC510.
gringito's Avatar gringito 10:06 AM 06-04-2013
thanks for the response guys .youre right my drc 510 shares the same chassis as many high end sony CRT tvs which is DA4! its the same chassis as the incredible XBR800 .hooked up a BD350 blue-ray player last night ...HDMI TO THE DENON WITH HDMI TO DVI-D to the sony ..i went to the mall to buy the rare HDMI TO DVI and took the time to check out the newest 3d AND hd tv to check if maybe im going crazy and my tv DOESNT look better than a new flat screen..i was wrong im not crazy and my tv even miscalibrated blows that crap out of the living room! just an objective observation mind you ...based on my visual experience !!! anyway a new THE INCREDIBLES DVD SET TO 1080 RENDERED A zoomed BUT SPECTACULAR IMAGE.I TALKED TO THE SONY SHOP AND ASSURED ME THAT A TECH WOULD COME TO MY HOUSE ON THURSDAY ! great news! i will let you guys know what happens! thanks again for youre response .does any one know of the proper way to take a picture of like a screenshot that i can post here to let you see what im dealing with?
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