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andykara2003's Avatar andykara2003 07:46 AM 08-28-2013
Hi All -

I have a question that I have been pondering for a while........

I'm looking at possibly purchasing a brand new PVM 20M2E

I've read & researched quite extensively on the net about PVM's and other arcade/broadcast monitors & TV's. I seem to be in the minority that think that PVM's & other monitors of this type have too pronounced scanlines and too fine a dot pitch to produce a picture that is bright and authentic - like the CRT's we used to use with our consoles in the 80's/90's. I want to find a TV for my N64. I've been put off monitors a bit as I feel that a TV feels more authentic for my N64. Also, the picture is pretty blurry on this console & I think that a monitor that is very sharp with strong scanlines would just make the picture look worse....

I have a Sony trinitron (from the UK so it has RGB scart - my N64 is RGB modded too) I've always loved these TV's but can't seem to find one with good geometry - I am waiting for a new one to pop up on eBay. I've heard, though, that even these Sony's TV's have more pronounced scanlines than other TV's -

Does anyone know of any CRT TV's of this size that are as high quality as the Sony that has less pronounced scanlines?

My problem is that I really like a 25 inch screen for the immersion but at 25 inches, the scanlines are quite obvious on my Sony KV-25X5U......

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