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MrGonk's Avatar MrGonk 12:39 PM 06-21-2002

I took a look at the Loewe Aconda 38 the other day, and while the picture was striking in terms of color and sheer size, I found it lost resolution noticably the further away the image was from the center of the screen. I took a look close up and noticed that the softness seemed to be caused by a misconverged image. Toward the right side of the screen (I think) i noticed blue slurring, and to the left side I noticed red slurring. It got a bit extreme toward the far left and right sizes. It didn't seem to suffer from this problem when I looked at it last (at which time it was brand new out of the delivery box), but this is the same exact TV about 2 months later I was looking at, so I'm concerned about the set's reliability.

- Is this a problem that can be fixed at all?
-Can it be fixed with ISF calibration, or service menu tweaks?
-Is this just an inevitable problem with such a large tube?
-Is this the kind of problem that gets worse or better over time, or is it simply either there or not?

I'm seriously considering purchasing the set, but in light of this apparent weakness and the supposed advent of DVI/HDCP and 5C/1394, I'm nervous about the connectivity effectively completely downrezing such an expensive set. (BTW-- will HD-DVD likely only function on one of these encrypted digital connections? Or is that only a satellite thing? What about cable? What is the latest on analog "Safety"??)
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mlomker's Avatar mlomker 02:29 PM 06-21-2002
The last I heard there were some 2 million HDTV sets using either component video or RGBHV inputs. I haven't even heard of a CRT or front-projector that includes DVI or 1394 in any form. Does anyone seriously believe that all of those sets will become obsolete overnight? Nope.

I can't answer your question about the new set. I know that calibration did wonders for my Panasonic set. I mentioned Loewe when the local ISF calibrator was over and he said that just about anything can be adjusted on them. I was seriously considering the 30" model but decided it was a little expensive relative to the 34" sets from other manufacturers.
klang's Avatar klang 06:07 AM 06-22-2002
I've had the 38" Aconda since December and I've never seen the characteristics you describe on my set. There was a good review of the set and a discussion on calibration in the May/June edition of The Perfect Vision. The review can be accessed online for a $3 fee. With a display model, who knows what someone has adjusted.

I've read some of the DVI related discussions here and I just can't get too excited about the whole thing. I have no burning desire to record HD and I don't believe they're going to make the component or RGB connections obsolete or down-ressed anytime soon.
MrGonk's Avatar MrGonk 01:04 PM 06-22-2002

how much did it run you to get a full on isf calibration of your set? how can i find out if there are any decent isf guys in my area?
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