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Dr.Shankenstein 10-13-2013 06:56 PM

I inherited an XS955 over the weekend and have been trying to address the geometry issues with very little luck. All four corners sag toward the center of the display and there is a fair amount of overscan. I know these thing can be adjusted out to an extent with the service menu, But I am not feeling adventurous enough to attempt it on my own. If I can locate an "Old school" technician that has experience calibrating one of these displays I would grateful.

Reed747 10-14-2013 08:34 AM

I wouldn't worry too much about tinkering with the service menu. Just make sure to record your original values in case you want to back track. You can find the service manual online with instructions on how to enter the service menu (need the remote) and how to save changes that you make. You likely won't be able to get the geometry perfect, but you can definitely get it pretty good and eliminate any overscan issues for sure. With this TV, I think it's best to get comfortable with some of these service adjustments, because you may decide you want to make adjustments again after a while. Also, you'll probably want to do a little DIY calibrating with a calibration disc, given the age of the tube. Again, not too tough. Just make sure to record the original values of anything that you change and then tinker away. I've gone into the service menu of my xs955 quite a bit over the past 8 years with no issues, and I have absolutely no technical training with this sort of thing, I just followed the manual.

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