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duckland23 10-16-2013 07:05 PM

Hi guys Im getting Sony error codes 4 V STOP 1 CODE , 6 Low B 1 Error code ., 7 H STOP 1 Error code . Im wondering if the chips are the problem or is the flyback going bad . I also see up close to the set the colors like the convergence looks off a little .But the picture is good as far as I can see watching it The white colors in movie credits look washed out or uneven the whites are not solid white .That's on the composite yellow video in for the television .So Do I need to change the MCZ3001D CHIPS first then change the flyback transformer in it . I don't have a way to test the flyback to see if its strong .I know sencore makes a tester that a television repairman would have to test the flyback transformer .I wondering if the chips are bad . Is this common for the television to show a error code s like this when the chips are failing . Like I said the television will power on and sometimes she will shut off or act up before she shuts down and will flash error code 7 or seven blinks . I don't want to spend money on a television repairman if its going turn out to be some other cause from the television . Like a lose solder joints or bad caps . I know you need a esr meter to check the D-Board in her . I emailed TRI STATE ELECTRONICS for a quote on rebuilding the D-Board . If I went that way is there something else like you have to reset the setting for the convergence in the set just wondering so . What can they test if they have the d-board and rebuild it for me whats it involve and will they replace problem caps that are know to cause problems in this board too . I didn't pull off the back of the television to see if there are bulging bad caps on or check with a esr meter too , I don't own a esr meter at all ort a KV Meter .I know High voltage over voltage current will shut the set down . what your thought on this

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