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ivtec 12-07-2013 10:50 AM

Hi guys :All the people that installed 18 pin sockets with the Ic Chips MCZ30001DB please come forward and post here how your IC Mcz 30001DB have been handling with the with the 18 pin sockets ?

i also installed the 18 pin sockets with the MCZ30001db chips 13 months ago and last week i had the intermittent start up problem,with no set-test diagnosis fault
since i had opened a square 12 inches on the side of the back cover to gain access to the ic chips , i removed ic 8002 and refitted it and it has been hanging without intermittent fault for more than a week.

Also want to state that some people that say they are experienced in electronics say that the ICs will fail faster due the pin sockets then if we solder the ics strait into the Board
that's why i would like to hear from people that installed these Sockets to see how long these repair lasted!


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