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dka15's Avatar dka15 07:27 PM 12-22-2013

my sony rear projection tv model # kp43t90 the picture has gon bad

Floydage's Avatar Floydage 10:07 AM 12-23-2013
my condolencs
Mark12547's Avatar Mark12547 03:55 PM 12-25-2013

Yes, we hate it when our favorite TVs lose their smoke; sometimes it's like losing a friend. (Smoke and mirrors ... I'm told once a piece of electronics lose its smoke, the magic is gone.)


If you are looking for suggestions rather than consolation, you might consider posting your message over in, which seems like it might be a better fit for your type of TV.

Floydage's Avatar Floydage 09:47 AM 12-26-2013
Originally Posted by Mark12547 View Post

Yes, we hate it when our favorite TVs lose their smoke;

biggrin.gif Haha, haven't heard that phrase in a while! Was common when I was an active electrical engineer, the smoke coming out when a part fried. I could have sworn I once saw a tiny mushroom cloud come out the top of an electrolytic cap when I accidentally hooked up the power reverse polarity.
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