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sshazen 12-27-2013 07:55 AM

I bought a Samsung SIR-TS360 digital/analog converter in October 2004, along with a Toshiba 30HF83 CRT analog receiver.  (This was just a few months before the prices of flat screen TVs took such a plunge.)  Last weekend, all of the stored channels suddenly disappeared.


On re-scanning, only those which have real channel numbers below about 22 would store.  Those above would not, by either automatic scanning or manual "park and wait" - this latter has worked famously in the past.


I'd like to locate a schematic diagram for the Samsung converter; the manual contains none.  Samsung telephone tech support says they aren't available.  Being a radio "ham" since 1949, I have lots of "ham" friends who are excellent trouble-shooters of electronic gear.  A schematic makes it so much easier! 


Any help is most welcome.


SSHazen in Virginia

Ratman 12-27-2013 08:44 AM


Floydage 12-27-2013 09:55 AM

Have you tried a factory reset and starting over from scratch? Including making sure the initial setup is correct regarding OTA vs. sat. From what I searched your's is actually a sat&OTA HD tuner, I have a quasi-similar Hughes version.

Assuming "real" means the RF channels (vs. virtual) it could make sense from a tuner standpoint, making a frequency break point in the tuner or memory table.

BTW I also have a Motorola HD tuner. It doesn't like to lose plug power, messes up the mapping of virtual channels, mainly the subs. I would turn it on and get a whole bunch of the same virtual channel numbers (ex: 5.2, 5.2, 5.2, etc.) but if I clicked on each and let it stay there a few seconds each one would revert back to its actual virtual channel number. I've read of others losing channel memory over time so I think it was a design flaw. Memory volatility issue or susceptible to transients/glitches.

sshazen 12-27-2013 12:56 PM

Thank you for your prompt reply.


I have done what the original retailer recommended some time back, that is, unplug the AC power, wait 30 seconds and plug in again.


I have also pressed the little red "reset" button inside the hinged door at the right.


I'll check the satellite/over-the-air suggestion, although since it has been working just fine for nine years, that seems improbable.


I have also sent a message to Crutchfield, the local electronics/camera dealer, which has top-notch people; I am a customer.  I expect a reply in a couple of days.


Also checked e-bay, which has units for sale for the mid-teens dollars.  Maybe a good thing to have on hand as a backup!


Many thanks again.


Stanley Hazen

Charlottesville, Virginia

Ratman 12-27-2013 02:19 PM

Unplug the antenna coax.
Perform a channel scan. Let it complete.
(should pick up nothing and clear channel memory)
Plug in the antenna coax.
Re-perform a channel scan.

Floydage 12-27-2013 04:59 PM

And after trying all of the above, if that doesn't work, try a manual scan (from scratch) of each channel you want if you know them all. It's possible the automatic scanning isn't working properly and also corrupting the memory table such that manual scans won't work after the fact. I suggest going in order of RF channel number, then if that don't work in order of virtual channel number (I suspect scanning is done in RF order but who knows for sure?).

I had to do this with my Motorola to get the best stability. Then it only 'temporarily' messed up the sub-channels rather than all of them (I had to leave out one Mexican station (Univision) that kept screwing everything up). After that I was able to put the mains (x.1) in my favorites list which helped considerably.

Yeah I found mine for $20 each on Craigslist. HD tuner, etc. search (CL has a piss-poor search engine so have to try various keywords). Satellite tuner, etc. too if you know the models that will work without sat. service. I got lucky on the Hughes sat. receiver (HTL-HD and I think others made that model too), didn't know at the time if it would work for OTA but was buying other stuff so said what the heck; was brand new in the box. The heck with converter boxes!

sshazen 01-02-2014 01:11 PM

Sorry for the late reply.  My wife had a tooth extraction, plus cataract surgery, then there were the holidays!


I've tried the factory re-set, and manual scanning - both of those are well-tried procedures!  The upper limit of stations stored is still about "real" Channel 22.


In response to others, when scanning, it is the "real" channel number that is stored - the scan pauses for longer than usual when it encounters a "live one".  I think that each TV station encodes what the display in the tuner window will show.


A brief detour.  I bought another identical Samsung unit on e-bay on the 28th - a Saturday.  It came Monday afternoon, Priority Mail!, from California!.  The access card came with it.  On plugging the new tuner in, the legend "Installation" appears on the CRT screen, along with "finding satellites failed".  (This latter is not surprising, as I am connected to a chimney-mounted antenna!)  Press the "Menu" button at the left on the remote, and the five options come up.  The only one that is accessible, however, is "Setup".  The others are "greyed out".  And, under "Setup", all that is shown are satellite options.


A local quality A-V dealer with whom I spoke this morning suggested that the "Profiles" may be locked up.  Directions for unlocking are in the manual, but the screen shows none of the steps shown in the manual.  I think that returning the unit to the sender (whose name and address are on the box it came in), with loud complaint to e-bay is in order.  E-bay stands behind everything sold there, so I should be able to get my money back - shipping charges (charged to me) were twice the seller's price!


Any and all suggestions are welcome, as always.


SSHazen in Virginia

Ratman 01-02-2014 02:02 PM

Originally Posted by sshazen View Post

Any and all suggestions are welcome, as always.
Buy a new TV and you'll have the best of both worlds. A new HDTV and it will have a built in tuner!
No pulling teeth and easier on those eyes.

Floydage 01-02-2014 04:52 PM

Did you try the reset button on the new box? I'm thinking it may give you a fresh installation/setup screen in which to tell it OTA only. Hopefully they didn't change that model's 'free' OTA capability later in production.

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