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Floydage's Avatar Floydage 03:05 PM 02-12-2014
Sarcasm with no substance to back it up. I just read a PCWorld review article (Bing, Google, and Yahoo), albeit old, they liked some aspects of each in certain categories more than others; Bing appeared to have the most category likes though. Nothing on the archaic bent towards Yahoo.
Another article (8/2013) claimed usage between Google and Yahoo was neck and neck.

I love Google Maps and that Street View.

I do like that the Google page is uncluttered for doing searches but one can get around the whole Yahoo home page clusterf**k by using Otherwise I like the Yahoo HPCF for the variety of content.

Ratman's Avatar Ratman 03:33 PM 02-12-2014
Wow... sorry if I hit a personal nerve. Use whatever search engine works for you.
Actually... the Prodigy reference was a joke. I guess only "old people" (apparently only me) appreciate the intent of the humor. Sorry....
Floydage's Avatar Floydage 09:53 AM 02-13-2014
No nothing personal taken. I understood the Prodigy, Netscape, etc. references, sarcasm can be a form of humor which is how I took it. I did leave myself open saying I'm "an old Yahoo user." redface.gif Just thought you might tell me why you think it's outdated and why Google is so much better. Coke is old but doesn't make me go drink a Pepsi.

I could always make Google my search page via a bookmark but I'm lazy about just clicking on the Home button or opening a new window to do a search (i.e. Yahoo Home page set as default as I like looking at their clusterf**k of content).
Floydage's Avatar Floydage 09:13 AM 02-14-2014
Hey Ratman, check out this real 'winner'

I've used it for contest entries but it's pretty painful to actually use in this day and age.
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