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Hello All i have had my 970 for about 7 years & some change!! i have been very upset with the convergence since
very soon after i bought it !! the picture is awsome  dont get me wrong!! but soon after i bought the red green blue
especially in the corners has really pissed me off! i used to brag about Sony!! still one of the best pictures you can get!! or used to be anyway!! Anyhow i was just on the edge about whether or not to get lcd or Crt! im still glad i got it
lcd's the same price range just were not as good! back then for the money i had to spend!! plus low refresh rates 60hz etc! native res . I have a problem with greenish yellow coming around the right edges of  images!! i have a photo of what Im talking about !! this is a test pattern image from the service menu!! it is a adjustment that probably,
has to be physically made from the yolk? or something you need to be a service guy to do?? i have played with the
service menu!! a little & have a ok  understanding ! of Some of the service manual stuff i have not changed anything
permanent !!At least that i could not change back! if i got in trouble best to right down!! cant stress enough!!So you
can change back if you foul something up! Well is there any Sony CRT Service Guys out there that can tell me how to
get rid of that yellow greenish convergence issue?? Here is photosI I really need a Tech to calibrate it again

Don't know how much that will cost me?? I cant afford that much! hate to have to get new TV there is nothing
wrong with this one!! As far as there are NO ERROR Messages !! just this convergence Issue or what ever other
adjustments need to be made!! Stuck between 190 pound rock!!& hard spot! HE HE HE all you can do is hope?
mabe  i can get fixed!! Thank you for Any positive Info!!

This is the greenish yellow on the right sides of these test patterns!!!                          777 Thorens:eek:

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Yours is not the first problem like this that I have seen on this board. Particularly with Trinitron models. It's important to note the trailing of phosphors here, that gives the appearance of bad convergence but it isn't just that. The line is not getting drawn properly, not getting cut off at the right time, and it is uniform across. If the convergence were off then you would see different colours spaced differently around objects in various ways, while this is all trailing to one side (the side that the electron gun draws to). I suspect at least two causes:

1. Caps dying. Lots of controversy about this one (lately), but a capacitor that does not do its job well enough can lead to this issue, lots of documentation about this on old CRT newsgroups is googleable. It's worth noting that it would be a particular set of capacitors and not just any old cap on the board that would cause this. The good news is that capacitors are replaceable so there is a chance that it is fixable if this is the cause. There's also a chance that a chip in line with the capacitor running afoul is damaged over time from this, so I'd figure 50/50 if it is fixable for this cause.
2. Weak tube/electron gun. If this is the cause then it may have been doing this for several years, not just when you happened to have purchased it. There is pretty much no fix for this one that I can find and you are probably better off dumping it and finding another tube.

If it were mine I would open it up and look for bad capacitors. If I didn't see any, I'd dump it outright and look for another tube in better condition. And I'd do it soon while you can still find one you like that is not in bad shape.

Here's a couple of threads with folks having the same issue as yours:
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Hello Thank you for your reply!! I cant believe it !! I FIXED IT!! YESSSSS!!! i was thinking that i would have to hire a tech!! spend at least 200$ the guy said!! to fix problem i discribed !! i
ended up fixing it myself!! Im so Happy i could do a jig!!
:eek: The problem was in the service menu!! settings
i have been trying to figure out?? For quite awhile now the service manual i have lists all the settings for each catagory  on a chart i have been going through them one by one!! Not changing any yet but seeing if they match the
spec's in the manual??! There were quite a few that were off!! some by allot others only 1 or 2 off! but some it makes
a big diff between 1or2!! So i would write down what they had & then try going up or down seeing effect!! there are
test patterns in menu manual said put in a white screen pattern! & adjust several settings to default!! BINGO!! it was
one of these settings i changed the screen used to look kind of red tinted when i changed setting to correct one
WEEOOOW!! what a diff it made the screen became pure white, as supposed to be, & the letters on top went to Pure
green as they were supposed to be!! So i wrote down old settings so could change back if i had to!! & rewrote the
new ones!! that the manual told too!! Man i cant believe the difference!! It look more like when i first
bought it!!So if you are willing to dive in to the service menu PLEASE write down the settings first
before you change anything!! You can go up or down on most of the settings without hurting anything!! As long as you do not WRITE TO MEMORY!! your settings will go back automatically to
where they were! You have to push MUTE button first then ENTER that changes permanent !!
i have learned allot by studying the manual over &over again!! Got allot of ideas on this site Too!


                                                                                       Thank you kindly for your input!! as i have
indeed checked all the Caps & green boards! I just cleaned the whole back of the set man it was dirty!! i try to do it at least twice a year!! vacume it then blow with air get as much dirt & dust as possible without hurting anything!!Clean TV's & clean computers last longer!! Be Carefull  Tube has
charge & the two big Capacitors !! the manual tells how to discharge!! safely!! The back cover must
of had 2lbs of dust on it!! Man CRT's get dirty!! MAGNETIC CHARGE!!! Sticks like glue!! to all the
internal parts!!                                           Take care ALL  777 Thorens

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Glad you found a fix. Much easier than replacing caps. smile.gif

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough – Albert Einstein
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