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Yeah, that site has a lot of good info for all the systems. I went for the SNES Mini because apparently it puts out a stronger RGB signal compared to the original. Unfortunately I picked the hard route with the Mini and tried installing an RGB amp, but if it seems the only reason to even do that would be to alleviate the vertical line issue with the SNES which isn't even that bad with the mini. But since I've already gone through the hassle of installing the amp, I'm going to do a little more troubleshooting. If I can't get it, I'm just going to remove it and go with the direct wire approach. Being that I'm having all this trouble with the SNES, I'm not looking forward to the N64, which seems to need the amp since the signal is so weak. As for cables, I'm going with the ones recommended on Someone on ebay makes them, and they are apparently good cables. I do agree I picked the hard route starting out. I wish I just would have started with the Genesis. That way I would know any issues I'd have would have more to do with the cables, and I could work it out from there.
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I'm having some serious issues with this monitor for some reason. When I initially got it, I had my N64 hooked up to it via S-Video and it worked just fine. Then I let it sit for a few weeks until I could mod some of my systems. Well I decided to turn it back on today to play some games, with the same connection I had before and I'm not getting any signal. The TV turns on and gives me a blue screen like normal, but when I turn the system on, nothing shows up, and I don't even hear any sound. I tried both my N64 and SNES and get nothing on either one. I can't even get the monitor to react to the remote other than changing inputs and powering on and off. If I try to bring up anything else, like volume or picture settings, nothing happens. This is very frustrating!
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Forget that last post, I had a dumbass attack. I had so many cables strung up behind my setup, that I got some of them mixed up and didn't have the right one plugged into my system and it wasn't even plugged into the TV. I still haven't been able to get the SNES modded. I just can't get a good solder joint on the video chip pins. It doesn't help that they're so small and wedged right up next to the cartridge slot. I had thought about just buying one pre-modded on ebay , but those things are crazy expensive, so I'll just keep trying.

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