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superchad 03-26-2014 03:41 PM

i need help with my Sony CPD-G520P monitor


it flashes red the first minute i turn it on then its back to normal and will work for the rest of the day. i have never had it flash colors on me during regular use, not even once. so it seems to be a problem limited to just the warm up period


its been getting worse (it will flash repeatedly almost like a constant red image) and sometimes it will go full on red and then then the picture will go out and the power LED will flash orange, and will refuse to turn off, i have to keep trying till either i get it turned back on or it turns itself back on.


normally i turn it off for a bit to let it "warm up" and when i turn it back on it usually doesnt flash as much and the picture rarley shuts off if i do that. if i leave it on normally the picture will go out and the power L:ED will blink and refuse to turn off


if it doesn't shut off sometimes the picture goes to a blackish line with weird vertical lines


i can upload a video later. (it has the basic flashing and the blackish picture with wierd vertical lines)



i have been doing research but i still havent figured it out


heater to cathode short? this seems to be the most likely problem


or a problem with a driver board?


here is my source, i am looking at secion 11.17 http://www.repairfaq.org/REPAIR/F_monfaq9.html#MONFAQ_018



i have a also have CPD-E540 that flashes blue (not as frequent) and it hasnt shut off on me yet



also i figure i shouldnt have to do this hear but DO NOT tell me to get an LCD, i dont want want, otherwise i wouldnt have gotten this CRT, that and i cant afford an LCD (a half way decent non garbage one would be at least $300 to $400)

superchad 04-06-2014 04:43 PM

ok an update, me and a friend worked on the E-540 today since it has been unplugged the least


we disconnected the Blue signal from the color guns and got 1 slight red flash (as opposed to 2 or 3 blue flashes), and no Blue flashes, meaning there probably is no H-K short at least for Blue, which is great news. we then desoldered the back metal cover on the neck board and touched up the solder joints on the back. im hoping that fixed it, if not it might be the video board (maybe i can swap them between monitors and if the problems switch between red and blue then it might be that board)



cant test it till tommorow, but when i do if it works out then the G-530P is next.

superchad 04-26-2014 08:24 PM

here are 2 videos of the problems


filmed last year when the problem had first started showing up



filmed this month


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