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WaveBoy 05-09-2014 02:33 PM

I've owned the 32" KD(Now have a KV, brightness is exactly the same it seems) sony wega CRT trinitron SDTV since it's release in 04'(if i'm correct) and ended up selling it in 2011 when i took the disappointing plunge into the world of HDTV's. :P Thankfully, i picked up a Sony 27" KV27FS100L CRT SDTV last year for pennies on Craigs list and the picture is simply put beautiful. It's been absolutely wonderful. Sure the black levels aren't 'quite' as deep as my current S60, but the KV BLOWS it away in terms of brightness, having realistic sculpt, pop, and much brighter and 'whiter' whites....For now, this is the set i watch movies on as the S60 just doesn't cut it with it's depressing dim lifeless flat picture and dirty bland whites


Now, for my living room display i'm thinking about getting the new Vizio 50" E Full array LED, OR my last resort which will no doubt eclipse the brightness of my CRT is the Toshiba Full array 55" L7400 LED, but it costs about $900 more than the Vizio E....

Does anybody know what the max light output/brightness, white lumminance(whatever, ect) the Sony KVFS100L dishes out when maxing contrast to 100(movie mode) and having brightness at 50 when using component cables?

I'm hoping the Vizio E can at least match my Sony KV CRT's brightness, if so that's good enough for me. but if it can't than i'll have to save for the toshiba....
It's about what's available right now, since i'm dieing to unbox my wii u. The final 1080p set from vizio(M series) won't be arriving in 50" until July-Aug and there's no way i'm waiting that long.

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