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sportman10's Avatar sportman10 01:47 PM 07-12-2002
I am looking to buy the "RCA 38"" HDTV TV - F38310 or the Sony's KV-40XBR700, a 40-inch, I watch alot of sports on dss then should I go with the 4:3 Sony's KV-40XBR700, a 40-inch. I heard the 16:9 "RCA 38"" HDTV TV - F38310 via dss is so bad you will regret your decision every time you watch football or basketball I am trying to choose between getting the Sony's KV-40XBR700, a 40-inch now or to buy the "RCA 38"" HDTV TV - F38310 16:9 widescreen or wait. and go with other widescreen 16,9 tvs in the future, I would like to know the Price for both "RCA 38"" HDTV TV - F38310 and the Sony's KV-40XBR700, a 40-inch,and the size of Sony's KV-40XBR700 with black bars on HDTV I would like any help please thanks GARY

tomwid's Avatar tomwid 05:42 PM 07-12-2002
I don't have the 40XBR but I do have the 32XBR. Let me tell you, that DSS looks MUCH MUCH better on the RCA than the sony. You will notice a lot of pixels and artifacts on the Sony. Not sure why, maybe because the Sony is more of a "monitor" and thus, a lot better at showing finer detail? Just a guess.
gnosys's Avatar gnosys 08:32 PM 07-12-2002
Gotta' echo the previous poster: the DSS signals are unusable above about 32 inches. The 38310 will give you about that size 4:3 image, or you can stretch it, if you are so inclined. When I watch 4:3 sports on my 38310 or my Sony 53 inch 4:3 digital set, I look for a wild feed from analog C band, 'cause the DBS is so terrible.

Keep in mind, more and more sports will be in HD in the near future, and the 38310 has a slightly larger 16:9 image than the Sony 40 inch 4:3 set, plus built-in DirecTV tuner and OTA receiver, as well. Also much cheaper!

Just my .02
John-Miles's Avatar John-Miles 04:53 PM 07-14-2002
might i suggest you check this link.

you can compare the tv sizes and let that help.

i will point out most people seem to ahve a low regard for RCA products, i myself ahve enver owned one. but i can tell you that from the prices i have seen the RCA is about 2/3 the price of the sony. but if you have the cash id get the sony.
m1fuller68's Avatar m1fuller68 08:36 PM 07-14-2002
I have the RCA 38310 and love it. I watch all channels in stretched mode over the directv sat. Most channels look great but there are a couple that look a little grainy. I also have the HD and that is unbelievable. The picture is awesome. I'm sure the Sony is a great tv but you can't go wrong with the RCA.

My equipment.

Elite 49tx
Elite 47a DVD
Rca 38310 HDTV
Energy Take 5.2 speakers
XBOX HD pack
Turtlebeach audiotron
ALL monster cables
gnosys's Avatar gnosys 07:33 AM 07-15-2002
Originally posted by John-Miles

i will point out most people seem to ahve a low regard for RCA products, i myself ahve enver owned one. but i can tell you that from the prices i have seen the RCA is about 2/3 the price of the sony.
I believe I can speak to the RCA vs. Sony reliability issue. I had the RCA MM52100 (actually I had two of them) which was a POS. It actually had a great pix (no anamorphic squeeze, though) on HD and fair on DVD, but major QC issues sent two back before trading it in (thanks Best Buy) on a Sony 53HS10, RPTV. I bought a 38310 last September for use in the study here.

First, I'd say ALL HD sets have some kind of reliability/quality control/design deficiencies. With the Sony RPTV, you get the occasional blinking failure to power up and the banding. It also has some red push and failure to hold black. With the RCA Direct view, you get the geometrical distortion on some material, and some people have had power supply problems, as well.

All in all, though, I've found the 38310 to be fantastically reliable over the 10 months it's been in service here. No failures, knock on wood, and none of those annoying intermittent problems that plague some sets. Just solid reliable performance. The Sony 53HS10 has also been a champ. I still want to find time to remove the glare-inducing front screen protector, but aside from that, the design is pretty good. The DRC in the Sony works wonders on quality material put into it in 480i, but fails to satisfy with the garbage on DSS (GIGO). The RCA has a slightly more pleasing picture on nearly all material, due to the greatly enhanced contrast ability of a direct view set, although the Sony will reproduce more line pairs or resolution.

All in all, I think the reliability question is moot with the two direct-view sets. Both Sony and RCA, as companies, have their warts, as well as their reliability histories of less than perfect performance, but I think the 38310 still gets bad press from the problems it had when first released. RCA had had to solve those problems (by and large) and the set now represents a great bargain, as well as a pretty reliable piece of equipment. I would recommend an extended warranty, if one is available for a fair price, both on the RCA and on the Sony. But I think the RCA is a better choice overall, just for the value received.
MrGonk's Avatar MrGonk 05:48 PM 07-15-2002
get the f38310, get it ISF calibrated, and buy a dvdo iscan to sub as the line doubler (it'll look heavenly). you'll have something that performs better than the sony in every conceivable way for less money.
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