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Chris_SWE's Avatar Chris_SWE 06:55 PM 07-14-2002
Hi im new to these forums. It seems there are a lot of ppl here who know exactly what to buy and what not =).

Thats why I want to ask a question, that might be stupid (i don't know yet), but are there any normal TV's (32" widescreen) that come with Component inputs.... I figure the next best thing is RGB-Scart and that i know most TVs come with.

I think Loewe tv's have component but im not sure, theyre also superexpensive.

Ive read good things about a TV called PHILIPS
I cant find any info on component-in though.

Thanx for any responses and sorry if this is a stupid question (for all i know, maybe component in doesnt exist on normal TVs?)
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Den's Avatar Den 02:08 PM 07-16-2002
Component input on TVs is very common now in the US. You may get more helpful responses by putting "Sweden" or "European" in your subject line.

If the TV you want lacks component input, you should be able to buy an outboard YPbPr-to-Scart transcoder to solve the problem.
Chris_SWE's Avatar Chris_SWE 05:20 PM 07-16-2002
Thank you. I only realized this today, that youre so much ahead of us in that sense. Well, at least we get the new cellphones before you do =) (i think).

Almost no TV:s here come with component inputs.
jrosado's Avatar jrosado 09:02 AM 07-17-2002

All the toshiba TV's avaible in Europe have the component inputs!


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