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darbian 05:27 PM 09-15-2014
I'm using this TV for classic game systems (NES, SNES, Genesis, Atari, among others). I'm encountering a problem where the Genesis and Atari are only showing up with a black and white image. The SNES also occasionally has this problem, but it's much less common (about 1 in 30 times) and resetting the SNES usually fixes it. Resetting the Atari/Genesis has never fixed the problem. The NES has never had this problem.

The Atari/Genesis work fine on other displays. Additionally, I use a splitter to capture footage on my PC and the game capture always has color.

The NES, Genesis and Atari are hooked up with composite cables (Atari has been modded for composite out)
The SNES is through S-Video

I've tried multiple inputs on the TV as well as different power outlets for the consoles in case it was somehow a power problem but the result is always the same. The OSD always has color, even when the game image is only black and white.

If I run the Atari/Genesis/NES through a switcher box and quickly switch between the NES (with color) and one of the other consoles, I can eventually get the problematic consoles to display with color.

Any ideas what could cause this, and possibly how to fix it? Love the picture on this set and it would be a shame to lose it over this problem.

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