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jskang's Avatar jskang 12:05 PM 07-23-2004
New to the boards (though I've visited plenty of times in the past) and so this is my first post. Please bear with me if I'm asking about something that's pretty common. And, if there's another thread that address the issue I'm having please point me in the right direction...

Having said that... I have a TXN3098WHF. Purchased in late-Nov. 2003. It has been a good set for the most part. I have not had it calibrated yet and was hoping to do that when the following problem cropped up...

The picture will progressively go to darker and darker shades of blue during moments where there are changes between light and dark scenes. It doesn't happen on a consistent basis, but I does happen regardless of source (cable, VCR, and probably DVD, too). Has anyone else had this happen?

I had purchased the set from Ultimate Electronics when it was on sale last fall. For better or worse (though I would think better at this point), we paid the extra for the 5 year extended warranty.

I had a repair tech from FastTrak out to take a look at the set but without really having any real details at the time and no ability to recreate the problem on demand, all I could do was thank the guy for coming out and agree to give him a call if I had it happen again or could reproduce the problem at will.

This is frustrating. Plus, now I've seen the "breathing" thing with the picture twice. Once was while watching a videotape (s-video connection) and the other time it was while playing Tiger Woods 2004 on PS2 (connected via a component connection).

If anyone can suggest what part(s) the tech guy should zero in on, I'd be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!

jay koz's Avatar jay koz 02:11 PM 07-23-2004
Try to get it exchanged for a TXP3071; you will be much happier with the results.
klingger80's Avatar klingger80 10:44 AM 07-27-2004
I'm really very happy with the picture and color... the problem of the overscan on the morning news tickers dont get to me too much (anyone got a way of fixing this?)

but my question is can anyone tell me if there is a way to setup MUTE to then display closed caption (like at the bars)
also does anyone have the service manual?
jskang's Avatar jskang 03:00 PM 08-23-2004
Originally posted by jay koz
Try to get it exchanged for a TXP3071; you will be much happier with the results.
Isn't it maybe a bit too late for that?

In any case, an update.

Had a second service tech out to look at the set. he was able to reproduce the problem we'd been having. He said he thought the problem was due to some possibly leaky voltage regulators and the fact that I had most of the TV settings set fairly low to try and correct some problems I'd seen out of the box. Hopefully, that is the cause of the problem.

In any case, I'm still planning on having this set ISF calibrated too.
KBI's Avatar KBI 12:28 PM 08-24-2004
I have the 26inch in the new Samsung line.. Is it HDCP compliance? It has the DVI input so it should? Just curious??
jskang's Avatar jskang 02:46 PM 08-24-2004
No clue. If you know the model number, you could check samsung's website.
Superman07's Avatar Superman07 05:52 PM 10-11-2004
Well I picked up my 3096 about a year and a half ago - well before I found this site - and have been quite happy with it. I managed to get in on it (apparently) right as it was being phased out. That along with it being their floor model I got a pretty good deal.

Anyway, I have been looking for information on the set, and honestly can't tell if it supports 720p. Since it supports 1080i, I would assume it supports 720p, but that is a very uneducated guess on my part.
Superman07's Avatar Superman07 05:39 PM 10-13-2004
Nobody know if the TXM3096HF supports 720?

If it doesn't, are any stations transmitting in 720?

Knowing my luck, the answer is probably no to the first, and then yes to the second. :(
jruhnke's Avatar jruhnke 08:48 PM 10-13-2004
Originally posted by Superman07
Nobody know if the TXM3096HF supports 720?
According to text from that reads as if it were lifted straight from the original product literature: "Two sets of HD component-video 1080i/480p/480i jacks foster hookup with a DTV set-top box and a progressive-scan DVD player, while standard composite- and S-video inputs accommodate all DVD players."

Since that model doesn't have a built-in tuner, you'd have to get an external tuner of some sort anyway, and almost any set-top box you get will have the capability to convert 720p to 1080i. That's what I do with my TXN2771. I've used the Motorola DCT5100 and DCT6200 digital cable receivers and the Scientific Atlanta SA8000HD receiver/PVR boxes, and all three have simply handled that conversion for me.

I know ABC broadcasts in 720p. Maybe ESPN-HD does too, since they're both owned by the same company. Most networks broadcast HD in 1080i.

Superman07's Avatar Superman07 03:24 PM 10-17-2004
Greatly appreciate the response. Looks like we'll be usinng the SA8000 for our HD once it gets installed this week, so hopefully there will not be any problems.
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