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CrocHunter's Avatar CrocHunter
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11-12-2004 | Posts: 2,570
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just got into the service menu and it seems that SBRT was already set to 15 hmm...

I did however adjust RYR for the red push but it seemed like i did'nt havt to touch it so i left it at 8, since i need it to compensate for the blue in cool color temperature.

I guess i'll spend some time with my calibration dvd's.

I used pro as everyone else but went back to standard because the pro setting was too soft, and too dark.

Thanks for the help guys, it seems i really did'nt have to go in the service menu afterall.
CrocHunter's Avatar CrocHunter
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11-13-2004 | Posts: 2,570
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Anyone ever get their sets ISF calibrated?

I was thinking about it, but would it be worth it for a 34" set?
pkwjr's Avatar pkwjr
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11-13-2004 | Posts: 373
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Are you having some PQ issues with the set or are you just trying to get the PQ to its optimal viewing settings?

I have not used pro calibration but used Avia and found it quite useful. For about the first month of ownership, I fiddled around with different settings and have finally settled into what I think is gret PQ.

I agreed that the pro setting looked darker than whaot I was used to, but I took the advice of other people and kept the set on pro for two days before changing it again. I switched back to normal and then thought it was to bright. Go figure. A lot of PQ also depends on the room darkness too.
CrocHunter's Avatar CrocHunter
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11-13-2004 | Posts: 2,570
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just wanted to get the best out of it picture quality wise that's all, nothing wrong with the set, no issues.

I guess we will have to wait for HD DVD to come out soon.

I left my picture mode on standard by the way, and turned off edge enhancement and tweaked from there and am very impressed with the picture quality.
BushViper's Avatar BushViper
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11-14-2004 | Posts: 7
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cool review
CrocHunter's Avatar CrocHunter
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12-17-2004 | Posts: 2,570
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So, it's been a month, how are you all enjoying your sets.

HD DVD coming out at the 4th QTR. of 2005 can't wait.

It sucks because even if no format wins, they are still set on the 4th quarter of 2005 for release.

Looks like i got to buy my James Bond collection all over again.:)
The Yar's Avatar The Yar
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12-18-2004 | Posts: 33
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Since we're talking service menus, I have a question:

My 34HS420 shipped with the overscan set above 10%! When I fixed it, I realized why. The bottom left corner has a significant inward black curve, and the entire bottom 5% curves to the left. It's as if the left 50% of the bottom 5% is "pinched" to a very strong degree. Any idea on service menu options to fix this? Everything I try results in geometry problems elsewhere on the screen.

Also, the top 5% has black lines between the scan lines. What's that?
coyotepx's Avatar coyotepx
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12-21-2004 | Posts: 3
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I just bought (maybe stole) this TV this weekend from BB. I found an open item TV with a scuff mark and no remote. After talking them down to $800 because of no remote, I purchased the TV. About 2 hours later I went back to pick up the TV only...

The idiots at the store put a NEW TV in my truck although I didn't realize it until I got it home. It was in the box but I thought perhaps they just reboxed the store model TV.

So, needless to say, I just purchased a new TV for $800.

BB rules.

Jaco4143's Avatar Jaco4143
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12-21-2004 | Posts: 3
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^^^^ you just got the deal of a lifetime. Forgive me if I don't feel sorry for BestBuy.
Spikem's Avatar Spikem
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12-29-2004 | Posts: 17
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This seems like a hell of a useful thread (at least, it has been useful to me!), so I thought I'd bump it up to the first page to see if any of you who have purchased it have further comments (pro AND con) about the TV and issues you found (and rectified) with it.
CrocHunter's Avatar CrocHunter
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12-29-2004 | Posts: 2,570
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No issues here, only good experiances.
i_dream_of_japan's Avatar i_dream_of_japan
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12-29-2004 | Posts: 28
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Welcome back everyone!

Been a while since I dropped in... That only happens when there are no problems and 100% satisfaction, believe me.

Croc, jars - I am having the same experience. Pure enjoyment and no issues. My g/f is mad, because I don't even want to watch anything on my Hitachi 51 anymore in the living room. This TV looks better in every way on DVD and cable/HD so to the bedroom we go.. I still haven't talked her into letting us eat dinner in there. :p So the Hitachi gets watched for dinner/breakfast or if freinds are over.

Croc... Man, I can't believe you've held out on getting an upconverting player! Pull the trig. Jars and I are really happy with our Zenith. And tons of people are loving their new SOny and Panasonic upconverting player. It DOES make a difference. Ah well.

I have had no need to go to service menu. Have just adjusted using AVIA and could not be happier.

To the guy who ripped Best Buy off on that 800.00 beauty... I HATE YOU! :p If we could all be so lucky.

I am patiently waiting for HD/Blu-Dvd... My Zenith is doing just fine in the mean time. But I must say, I wish it were coming out sooner.

Anyone tried VOOM sat. HD yet? My buddy has it and gets like 20 HD channels. My cable gets me about 8. PLUS, it looked waaay better than my cable HD. Thinking about the switch. Hey jars, did anyone fix the Zenith HDMI/DVI freezeup between this player and our TV yet? Would like to free up the comp and try it out.

Overall, what else is left to say? I think this is THE best Direct view HDTV. Anyone DIS agree?

Take care guys,

CrocHunter's Avatar CrocHunter
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12-29-2004 | Posts: 2,570
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macroblocking is why i never considered an upconverting player.

Today i just bought the sony 775 sacd player online at circuit city.com and used the store pickup option so, i'll pick it up tommorow and can't wait:)

THe sony 775 has a 12bit 108mhz D/A chipset, which is superior to my sony combo unit which uses a 10bit 54mhz D/A chipset.

i've considered the option of an upscaling player but after trying a few from my friend i really did'nt see that much of a difference to justify the cost.

I'm just waiting like you guys for the new dvd format so i can see true HD DVD's.For now the sony 775 will hold me over.

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