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My kv-30hs420 does not seem to respond to any of these adjustments or any convergence adjustments. Does this set not support them?
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Originally Posted by KenTech View Post
<b>02 - NAVIGATING SERVICE MODE</b><br><br>
First download the attached Zipped file that should explain all: a page describing how to enter Service Mode, and two pictures of how it looks on my 36XS955 (gray background):<br><br>
THEN: Download the official chart of codes from a previous message, otherwise the relationships among them is hopelessly confusing. Don't worry that it may not match your exact set model. (But it may be way off for earlier-model sets.) This chart seems to be fine for XS and HS-series, for example. Earlier XBRs are not represented.<br><br>
SUMMARY: First power-off the TV, or start cold. Then press on the remote these four buttons within one second of each other: Display - 5 - Volume Up - Power. You should see a screen similar to "ServModeFirstView.jpg."<br><br>
The code group-name (e.g. 2170P-4, MID5, etc.) is in the upper-left corner. Below that is the name of the actual code-name within that group. The code-name's number (in the group) is also shown to the right of the group-name. In the "TypDisplay" example attached, 2170P-3 is the group, and we're at item #7, SHF0.<br><br>
To the right of the 7 is the code's *value.* This one is set to 0 (zero).<br><br>
The other designations are for information only: "FULL" screen mode, "Video5" is the active input, and "480i" is the video-scan mode. I have never figured out what "WSL: " means; its value changes while you fiddle with Service Mode, so it's readout of some sort, maybe the TV's "mood" at the moment, who knows.<br><br>
The number-key pair 2-5 are up-down for stepping thru the groups to the first code in each group.<br><br>
The pair 1-4 are up-down for the codes (spanning groups if you go past the group's end).<br><br>
The pair 3-6 are up-down for setting the code's value. **Write down the initial value before changing anything.**<br><br>
You can check out what different code-values do by tinkering -- no harm done. If you decide to back out after screwing things up, you have two choices: (1) press - Enter on the remote, which will re-enter the previous settings from memory; or (2) recycle Power to leave Service Mode, or press Power - Display - 5 - Volume Up - Power to start over in Service Mode. This is safe tinkering, but it's really best to log what you are doing.<br><br>
If you make a change you want to "stick," press the Mute button (the word "WRITE" appears), then Enter within a few seconds. (WRITE changes to red, then back to SERVICE.) The changes have been written to internal memory. If you hit Mute by accident, it will revert shortly, so don't worry.<br><br>
There are some aspects of this that can be confusing. If you change some settings, then change inputs or Picture Modes, you'll likely lose the changes -- but sometimes not, so don't assume anything. Some settings are always temporary, such as POP in the MID5 group. You can see the effect of different MID5 settings by changing POP, which then points to a different column in the MID5 table, maybe even change a few items. But if you step past the start or end of the MID5 codes, you lose the POP setting (it goes back to same as 2170P-3, MIDE) and the changes.<br><br>
Recommended: If you've been tinkering for a while and you've determined a change you want to make in, say, a *few* nearby and related codes, first reset Service Mode with - Enter (as above). Now note the old values, make the changes, and Write them each separately. (By resetting to old values first, you avoid accidental changes while you were previously tinkering.)<br><br>
CAUTION: AVOID keys 7 and 9, as they are part of a key-sequence that can reset all of the deflection or image-decoding settings back to a "factory-newborn" state. If you think youve hit any key by accident, STOP. In a few seconds it will revert back to SERVICE mode, as youll see at the right side of the screen. All dangerous key-sequences are combinations of *three* keys, by the way.<br><br>
I have made *very substantial* improvements to the display of my XS955-series set, as have many others with theirs, and I take some delight in experimenting with these codes, trying to deduce what they do. I am posting what I discover as I can, and I hope other folks will, too, as several generous folks already have (thanks!).<br><br>
[Revised 9-8-05.]
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Hi KenTech,

I would be so much in your debt if you could help me with saving my POP settings in MID5. I HAVE read your posts on a couple forums already but my set seems to be fussy or I'm missing something.
I understand about the columns in the manual, which I have. I have tried every method of writing the column data into each thing one by one and not leaving the section. Tried turning off and unplugging afterward.

The difference between the setting burned into it now and any of 3 or 4 different alternatives I've found using the MID5 - 0 setting is astronomical to my eyes. PLLAZE HALP!

I have really appreciated your posts about the service modes of these beauties for a few years now.
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I realize this is an old thread but I'm just curious to see if anyone with experience in messing with the service menu is still around. I recently bought a Sony KD-30XS955 and it's great but it did have quite a bit of overscan, which I have fixed. It's still a tad dark and the reds bleed a little. Another issue that I can't seem to fix is a faint outline around certain objects' edges, as if the image were slightly out of focus.

Thanks for the help!
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