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Can this be done as a workshop science project? It doesn't need to be flat. People build their own engines, microscopes, etc. What would the cost and time be? What about self building a RPTV, much easier? I guess it must be fantastically hard to make one.
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Are you serious? I have heard of people building their own projection TV's using an LCD monitor, a PC with a tuner card, and an overhead projector. But a homebuilt CRT? I dunno . . . .
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Even if it could be done (and I'm not saying it can't, if you can dream it, you can do it) it would be so heavy you'd need to make the cabinet out of steel girders! My 34" Sony XBR960 weighs in at about 200lbs. And you're talking about a lot more screen! My hats off to you and your chiropractor for undertaking this task!
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Also you'll probably need help from somebody with experience designing deep-sea submarines... because the atmospheric pressure exerted on a 50" CRT vacuum would be staggering.
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I agree, the engineering complexity of building a 50" tube would be cost prohibitive. Even Sony only went as big as 40" and I understand they had manufacturing issues there. One possibility may be to build the display in segments using smaller screens (Four 27" tubes should be sufficient).

Now the typical wall of TV's has a problem here due to physical separation of the tubes, resulting in gaps in the picture. What if the picture from each tube was carried by a bundle of fiber optic filaments up to a screen where the segments could be butted together. That could allow an uninterrupted 50" display. Now the geometry of the four individual pictures would have to be carefully adjusted to get everything to line up on the full image. If each tube could support 540p, then the full display would be 1080p.

Just a thought or should I be out selling the idea?

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(in a whispering voice...)

If you build it... they will come.
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