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DragonLoaf's Avatar DragonLoaf 07:07 PM 08-07-2013
Originally Posted by Floydage View Post

Well at the small 'relative' size of CRTs it's hard to tell the difference anyway, esp if it's full 480i and using one of the better inputs. Plus good contrast/black levels/brightness and low on motion blur. I couldn't tell a huge difference between a converter box and an HD tuner on my Panasonic 34" widescreen HD CRT at a typical viewing distance. I moved my seating way up to take advantage of HD after I got the HD tuner and it 'effectively' gives me a larger viewing area. Hard to beat the pic quality if not that concerned about size.

Amen brother!

From 4 feet away that Panny 34" looks mighty big!

Hope you are well man. I always get a kick out of your posts. smile.gif

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. I still watch the 34" Panasonic TV far and away more than the 46" LCD and the 50" plasma. What do I know about which one is "better"; I just know the one I prefer to watch.

Floydage's Avatar Floydage 05:38 PM 08-08-2013
Originally Posted by DragonLoaf View Post

Hope you are well man. I always get a kick out of your posts. smile.gif

You too and you're welcome, fun to put a smile on someone's face!
jones07's Avatar jones07 06:46 PM 12-23-2013
RCA/Proscan MM36110 HDTV..................2002 and still going.

Down to only 3 to 5 hours a week but it still looks good

Will this thing ever die?tongue.gif
Hippyman73's Avatar Hippyman73 07:53 PM 12-23-2013

The oldest set still in use at my place is a 2003 Toshiba 30HF83 CRT 1080i HDTV. I've used it since 2011 when I started the upgrade to HDTV for the home and it was just replaced with a 1080p 2013 Sony KDL-32W650.

EscapeVelocity's Avatar EscapeVelocity 02:20 PM 01-26-2014
I am using a Panasonic from the late 70s or early 80s. 20"
Lucky Ducky's Avatar Lucky Ducky 06:26 PM 01-27-2014
My PC monitor is a CRT Viewsonic P225f. I dunno how old it is, got it for free off craigslist. It's a 21 inch 4:3 monitor and I have been using it for several years. For a while it was in storage while it was replaced with another CRT the Sony fw900, but it died so that brought the Viewsonic out of retirement. Great colors with a .24mm dot pitch and a max resolution of 2048 x 1536 @ 79Hz. Actually except for the lack of wide screen I like the picture quality more than the fw900.

My TV is another craigslist special, a Sony KV-34XBR910 I got with the stand and remote for $300. Beautiful set, been running flawlessly ever since I have owned it. I don't have any LCDs or flat screens in my place at all. I am dreading the day I have to "upgrade" to an LCD to replace either one of these top of the line CRTs.
tubetwister's Avatar tubetwister 09:50 PM 02-22-2014
Oldest thing in the house is an 2005 View sonic PC monitor used occasional as a second screen on one of the PC's . I had a Sony FD HD 36" Trinitron until last tear it lasted about 12 yrs. until a power surge killed it . Also had a 27" black Trinitron for 14 yrs it was still working fine when I gave it away .

Bought 4 sets in the last year a 60" 2013 Samsung Plasma ,a 32" 2012 Toshiba CCFL/LCD ,an LG 42LN5300 LED ,and just last week a new Sony KDL40R450A for my bedroom.

I grew up with 50's B/W and early 60's Roundie then rectangular color sets . I remember when there was only NBC doing just a few color shows a week we had a CTC 12 then .
SnoPro700's Avatar SnoPro700 12:18 AM 02-23-2014

I cant believe some of you still "watch" these TV's? I assume everyone in this thread wears coke bottle glasses..

Floydage's Avatar Floydage 09:35 AM 02-23-2014
Your post isn't allowed. biggrin.gif
Why would we need Coke bottle glasses?
See this thread can be used as a reliability metric. Is there one on the flat panel forum like 'Youngest TV that bit the dust'? tongue.gif
ChrisW6ATV's Avatar ChrisW6ATV 07:36 PM 03-11-2014
The oldest TV set that I have actually watched here (full TV shows) is a 1948 RCA 8TS30. It is connected to the 1960s rabbit ears in the picture (with a Zenith digital-TV converter).

The one in my profile to the left is a 1954 RCA CT-100 15-inch color set.
Floydage's Avatar Floydage 10:12 AM 03-12-2014
That IS old. Looks like stereo though. Them rabbit ears bring back memories.
That's one very early color TV.
xvfx's Avatar xvfx 09:05 PM 03-12-2014
Looks like the one from Back to the Future/3. It's Howdy Doody time!
Bob7145's Avatar Bob7145 09:47 AM 03-13-2014
I have a 1951 Motorola "Bilt" in America (yes that's how they used to spell it) green and white ~25" TV that worked up until the end of the picture tube sticking out of the back of the set got bumped during a move.
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